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01 Sep 2008 description

This 2008 Reality of Aid Report presents evidence and opinions from organisations operating on the front lines of development policies around the world about the current reality of aid policies and their outcomes. The reality of aid in 2008 is that it continues to fail to promote human development for the eradication of poverty based on the core values of human rights, democracy, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

01 Aug 2008 description

This edition of the Reality Check tackles the critical issues of civil society and development effectiveness. In the lead-up to the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, CSOs have been challenged to respond to the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness in relation to their own effectiveness as aid and development actors. Rejecting the direct application of the Paris Declaration to CSO development roles, CSOs have focused on their roles as innovative agents of change and social transformation.

01 Jul 2008 description

This issue of Reality Check evaluates the phenomenon of global vertical programmes through the lens of aid effectiveness. Clearly, vertical programmes present benefits but also pose challenges. Yet these benefits and challenges differ considerably amongst themselves and among sectors. The reality
of vertical funds is evolving, yet still provides nuanced lessons as we continue to learn how to better deliver aid.

01 Apr 2008 description

"Aid-for-trade" (AfT) is the catch-all term for trade-related official development assistance (ODA) provided to developing countries. With the Doha Round in the doldrums, Aid-for-trade is gaining even more prominence within offical aid and trade circles.