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31 May 2018 description

Translators Without Borders (TWB) support the Task Team to translate the IASC six core principles relating to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse into 100 languages

Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse: the principles translated into 100 languages

12 Mar 2018 description

DANBURY, CT, USA – 12 March 2018 This year Translators without Borders is excited to announce winners of the 6th Annual Access to Knowledge Awards. These creative, dedicated and passionate supporters are at the forefront of opening access to language equity.

13 Dec 2017 description

Concerns for hundreds of unaccompanied children sleeping rough in Greece this winter

NGOs launch roadmap for handover of refugee response to Greek Government

More than 2,000 unaccompanied children are on the waiting list for safe shelters in Greece, according to a new report by 12 organisations. The chronic shortage of accommodation for children is just one of the gaps in services that is worsening as the Greek Government prepares to take full control of the refugee response.

16 Oct 2017 description

A failure to communicate

Communication is a fundamental component of effective humanitarian response. Yet humanitarian organisations and policy makers are responding to complex crises without adequate information on: - which languages affected populations speak;
- how well they understand the languages used by responders; and
- which formats and channels will be most effective for communicating complex information.

21 Sep 2017 description

Los Pactos Mundiales tienen como objetivo salvar vidas, reducir los movimientos migratorios peligrosos y combatir el tráfico ilegal y la explotación. Estos objetivos no pueden lograrse sin medidas prácticas que mejoren en acceso de los migrantes y refugiados a la información.

21 Sep 2017 description

Les objectifs des Pactes Mondiaux sont notamment de sauver des vies, de réduire les déplacements dangereux et de lutter contre le trafic et l'exploitation. Ces objectifs ne peuvent pas être atteints sans des mesures pratiques visant à améliorer l'accès à l'information pour les réfugiés et les migrants.

21 Sep 2017 description
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The Global Compacts aim to save lives, reduce unsafe movement, and combat trafficking and exploitation. They cannot do so without practical action to improve access to information for refugees and migrants.

The New York Declaration of September 2016 sets out priorities for the Global Compacts for Migration and Refugees, due for adoption in 2018. These include saving lives, reducing unsafe movement, and combating trafficking and exploitation of all migrants, regardless of status.

27 Jul 2017 description

Executive Summary

This study analyzes the language and communication barriers that exist in the context of the ongoing humanitarian migration crisis in Greece. It explores whether the information provided to refugees and migrants in Greece is effective when measured against four key criteria: accessibility, readability, comprehensibility, and usefulness. This research also documents the wide range of languages and ethnicities involved and reports on language and communication preferences amongst the refugee and migrant population.

14 Oct 2016 description
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This briefing paper is the result of a joint effort by 12 national and international organizations operating in Greece. The aim is to explain the current situation for those stranded in Greece for over six months since the closure of the northern border and introduction of the European Union (EU) – Turkey deal.

21 Mar 2016 description

Med Rumor Tracker is a project that collects all of the rumors among refugees passing through Europe. By identifying misinformation and hearsay and responding to it with relevant, factual information, NewsThatMoves aims to keep the refugee population at the forefront of our communication response.

The Rumor Tracker is a project of Internews, Translators without Borders and Action Aid.

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