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23 Oct 2016 description

by Lin Taylor | @linnytayls | Thomson Reuters Foundation

Friday, 21 October 2016 16:04 GMT

"They might say they have a headache or a sleeping disorder - but we know that's not the problem. We try to help them understand the real reason is in their mind."

by Lin Taylor

CALAIS, France, Oct 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As rain pours at a muddy migrant camp in Calais in northern France, patients sit inside portable offices waiting to be seen by volunteer medical staff at a makeshift health clinic.

21 Oct 2016 description

Friday, 21 October 2016 16:00 GMT

The ramshackle camp in northern France houses thousands of migrants and refugees attempting to make it to Britain

By Chine Labbé

PARIS, Oct 21 (Reuters) - France will start removing migrants on Monday from a squalid north-coast camp known as the Jungle and expects to dismantle it in the space of a week, an interior ministry official said on Friday.

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21 Oct 2016 description

"The violent intervention of the Libyan Coast Guard caused a situation of mass panic on board the rubber boat in distress"

ROME, Oct 21 (Reuters) - The crew of a speedboat labelled "Libyan Coast Guard" attacked a migrant boat packed with some 150 migrants, beating them with sticks and causing many to fall into the water and at least four to drown, a humanitarian group said on Friday.

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12 Oct 2016 description

Italy has now overtaken Greece as the main point of entry for migrants trying to reach Europe, UNHCR figures show

By Gabriela Baczynska

BRUSSELS, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Migrants arriving by sea to Italy are now the main problem faced by the European Union in its efforts to stem mass immigration to the bloc, the head of the EU border agency said on Wednesday.

Italy has now overtaken Greece as the main point of entry for migrants trying to reach Europe, figures from the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) show.

30 Sep 2016 description

"Shutting down the camp doesn't solve the problem. There will still be migrants looking for a place to sleep tonight

By Steve Scherer

ROME, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Italian police on Friday cleared out the "Gloomy Street" transit camp in central Rome where thousands of migrants have slept over the past year as they made their way toward northern Europe.

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18 Sep 2016 description

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who opposes immigration into the EU, has largely managed to seal the Serbia-Hungary border to migrants

  • Few migrants cross Serbian border

  • Hungary building second line of border fence

  • Orban steps up anti-migrant campaign ahead of Oct. 2 vote

  • Referendum could boost Orban's domestic standing

By Marton Dunai and Krisztina Than

18 Sep 2016 description

by Tom Gardner | Thomson Reuters Foundation

$13.9 billion in development assistance spent within donor countries in 2015, with more aid spent in Germany than in Ethiopia

LONDON, Sept 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Governments are failing to meet the world's massive humanitarian challenges because aid budgets in many countries are being stretched to cover the refugee crisis, a leading anti-poverty group said on Sunday.

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18 Sep 2016 description

Most were from sub-Saharan African countries and about one third were women and children

TRIPOLI, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Libyan patrols intercepted some 1,425 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe over the past two days, a naval spokesman said on Friday.

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15 Sep 2016 description

"Does a neighborhood, a school, have the right to say 'I don't want foreigners here'? No it does not"

  • Nearly 40 percent of migrants in Greece are children

  • Many have never been to school

  • Govt hopes to enroll thousands in September

  • Locals protest decision

By Karolina Tagaris

CHIOS, Greece, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Nour ran out of the bleak refugee camp, her six-year-old shoulders weighed down by a brand-new school bag.

09 Sep 2016 description

More than 103,000 migrants have passed through Serbia so far in 2016, with most heading north towards Hungary

By Aleksandar Vasovic and Igor Ilic

BELGRADE/ZAGREB, Sept 8 (Reuters) - Serbia has appealed to Austria and France for help controlling its southern and eastern borders, the country's interior minister said on Thursday, as countries across the region braced for a possible surge in migrant flows as winter approaches.

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07 Sep 2016 description

Security is being stepped up in Calais, home to the "Jungle" camp where thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa hope to cross the English Channel to Britain

LONDON/CALAIS, France, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Work on building a wall along the approach road to the French port of Calais to try to stop migrants from jumping aboard trucks bound for Britain will begin this month, British officials said.

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19 Aug 2016 description

There is no protocol between countries to share details of migrants who died at sea

  • Number of deaths on Mediterranean voyage rising

  • No protocol between countries to share details of dead

  • NGOs, Italian and Greek authorities call for coordination

  • GRAPHIC - Migrant arrivals in Greece: http://tmsnrt.rs/1WdT5R4

By Isla Binnie and Michele Kambas

11 Aug 2016 description

"The crisis is as big as ever, and as yet unsolved by governments"

  • Migrant arrivals to Europe up 15 percent on last year

  • Europe's 'silent crisis' simmers behind veil of invisibility

  • EU deal with Turkey remains fragile

By Michele Kambas and Antonio Bronic

27 Jul 2016 description

A study found that nearly a quarter of armed conflicts in ethnically diverse countries since 1980 coincided in the same month with weather disasters

  • Heatwaves, droughts raise conflict risks if ethnic splits

  • Global warming could further aggravate risks -PNAS study

  • Some doubt link, say hard to separate impact from poverty

By Alister Doyle

17 Jul 2016 description

by Reuters
Saturday, 16 July 2016 09:31 GMT

"Serbia does not want to become a collective centre for migrants," says Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic

BELGRADE, July 16 (Reuters) - Serbian police and army will form joint patrols to protect the country's borders from illegal crossings of migrants mostly coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday.

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17 Jul 2016 description

by Reuters Saturday, 16 July 2016 12:08 GMT

ZURICH, July 16 (Reuters) - Negotiations between Switzerland and the European Union on immigration restrictions will be stepped up in the next few weeks, the Swiss government said on Saturday, with a high-level meeting planned for September.

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16 Jul 2016 description

by Reuters
Saturday, 16 July 2016 14:20 GMT

Slightly fewer migrants have arrived on Italian shores in the first six months of 2016, but the number of deaths has risen

ROME, July 16 (Reuters) - Rescuers saved 366 migrants from rickety boats trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy but at least 20 people were reported to have drowned, Italian police said on Saturday.

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13 Jul 2016 description

The boats on which the migrants traveled are believed to have set off from Libya

ROME, July 12 (Reuters) - Nearly 1,000 migrants were saved in six separate rescue operations in the Mediterranean on Tuesday, while four were found dead below the deck of their boat, Italy's coast guard said.

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12 Jun 2016 description

MILAN, June 11 (Reuters) - Italy's coast guard said on Saturday it had picked up at sea 1,348 migrants in 11 rescue operations between Sicily and North Africa, bringing the total number of people saved over the past three days to more than 3,000.

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05 Jun 2016 description

Greek authorities said 340 people were rescued and nine bodies were recovered about 75 nautical miles off southern Crete

ATHENS, June 4 (Reuters) - Migrants who survived a shipwreck on Friday off the island of Crete in the southern Mediterranean have told authorities their boat set sail from Egypt and carried about 350 people, the Greek coastguard said on Saturday.

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