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17 Dec 1997 description

Following the establishment of the Inter-Agency Task Force on El Niño on 18 November 1997, within the Framework of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR 1990-2000), a consolidated press kit was published by the IDNDR Secretariat in Geneva.

17 Dec 1997 description

Informations générales sur le dossier de presse du groupe de travail inter-agences des Nations Unies sur El Niño

17 Dec 1997 description

Activities related to El Niño underway at the United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA) include:

  • DHA has launched an Inter-Agency Task Fore on E Niño. It is convened by the Secretariat of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR, 1990-2000) to provide a forum for inter-agency exchange and examine the possibility for a comprehensive disaster reduction strategy within the UN system and related international organizations regarding the El Niño phenomenon.
17 Dec 1997 description

International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)
This background information on El Niño is drawn from recent contributions to an IDNDR Internet Conference (September-October 1997) on "Floods, Drought: Issues for the 21st Century." They include two short articles reprinted from the conference which provide basic information about El Niño by a university professor from the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in the US, and by a British journalist from The Economist.

El Niño Comes... Or Does It?

Dr. Michael Glantz

17 Dec 1997 description

International Decade for Natural Disaster reduction (IDNDR)

El Niño is back, and its impact threatens to be greater than ever before. Countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are working to mitigate the impact of unusually severe floods, drought and fire associated with El Niño, and to predict and prepare for what lies ahead. The full extent of the El Niño phenomenon -- marked by unusually warm ocean currents in the centre and eastern parts of the Pacific ocean -- will not be clear until after Christmas, which is when an El Niño typically reaches its full force.
01 Jan 1997 description

Examining UN supported mine action programmes in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia and Mozambique, this report aims to identify lessons learned with respect to the most effective means of addressing humanitarian implications of landmines. For this purpose, the following issues are examined:

- Mine warfare: Implications for civilians and mine action programmes
- UN focal point support for mine action programmes
- Mine action activities and peace-keeping missions
- Building indigenous institutional capabilities
- Assessment and preliminary plan

01 Jan 1994 description

Aiming to increase awareness of the nature and management of disasters and consequently enhance the performance in disaster preparedness and response, this document examines various aspects of disaster assessment. Its four parts provide the following information:

- An overview of disaster assessment
- Practical insights on conducting assessments
- Role of the UN in relation to assessments
- Preparedness planning for emergency assessment

01 Jan 1992 description

This glossary over terms related to disaster management aims to meet the need for rapid and unequivocal communication among individuals, teams and involved institutions in actual disaster response activities, as well as in disaster mitigation by prevention and preparedness.

Providing terms in English, French and Spanish, the glossary is a result of a joint effort of a number of inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and national institutions.