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14 Sep 2017 description

The report includes information concerning the organization of the session, the progress of work and the future work of the Commission on the topics given substantive consideration during the session, the texts of draft articles and commentaries adopted by the Commission during the session, any procedural recommendations of the Commission calling for a decision on the part of the General Assembly as well as other decisions and conclusions of the Commission.

11 Apr 2017 description

International Law Commission
Sixty-ninth Session
Geneva, 1 May-2 June and 3 July-4 August 2017


A. Work to date on this topic

06 May 2016 description

International Law Commission
Sixty-eighth session
Geneva, 2 May-10 June and 4 July-12 August 2016


A. Work to date on this topic

  1. At its sixty-sixth session in July 2014, the International Law Commission placed the topic “Crimes against humanity” on its current programme of work and appointed a Special Rapporteur.1 At its sixty-seventh session in May 2015, the Commission held a general debate concerning the Special Rapporteur’s first report and in July 2015 provisionally adopted four draft articles with commentary.
03 May 2013 description

Consideration of prevention, mitigation and preparedness in respect of disasters, including the historical development of the concept of disaster risk reduction, prevention as a principle of international law, international cooperation on prevention, and national policy and legislation.

09 Apr 2012 description

Elaboration on the duty to cooperate; consideration of the conditions for the provision of assistance (compliance with national laws, identifying needs and quality control, and limitations on conditions under international law); and consideration of the termination of assistance.

11 May 2011 description

Consideration of the responsibility of the affected State to seek assistance where its national response capacity is exceeded, the duty of the affected State not to arbitrarily withhold its consent to external assistance and the right to offer assistance in the international community.

31 Mar 2010 description

Consideration of the humanitarian principles (humanity, neutrality and impartiality), as well as of human dignity, and the first part of the treatment of the responsibility of the affected State.

07 May 2009 description

Defining the scope of the topic (ratione materiae, ratione personae, ratione temporis), definition of "disaster", the principle of solidarity and cooperation, as well as a discussion on future work.

01 May 2008 description

I. Introduction

Inclusion of the topic in the programme of work of the International Law Commission