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14 Feb 2018 description
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Full Report
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Executive summary

Commitment to the Future

The Global Shelter Cluster is pleased to launch our next five-year strategy. This document sets out an inspiring agenda to strengthen global shelter and settlement interventions which remain central to effective humanitarian responses around the world, and describes how we will support partner organisations in meeting the needs of people affected by conflict and crisis.

29 Jan 2018 description
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An objective of the Global Shelter Cluster WG on Settlement Based approaches in Urban Areas is to contribute to building a body of knowledge to promote and improve the application of settlement based approaches in humanitarian response.

This initial collection of case studies represents one vehicle the WG is using to further the discussion on settlement based approaches.

22 Jan 2018 description

The Pacific Shelter Cluster is a grouping of organisations that have an operational interest in the provision of humanitarian shelter following disaster events in Pacific Island Countries.

What does the Pacific Shelter Cluster do?

03 Dec 2017 description


The WASH and shelter clusters view cash transfer and markets based programming (CTP/MBP) as instrumental modalities for the delivery of humanitarian WASH and shelter support and services. The clusters and operational agencies representing both sectors are committed to scaling up the use of cash and market based modalities to assist crisis affected populations wherever possible. They are also seeking ways to build the necessary capacity and experience in CTP/MBP to meet key sector specific objectives.

10 Oct 2017 description
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This document provides an overview of responses to the Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) online survey, conducted in preparation for the annual GSC Meeting. Findings are based on a total of 106 responses, as of 26 September 2017.

Participant profile

01 Oct 2017 description
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Annex - 2017 Factsheets


Developed as an output of the 2012 GSC Meeting, the 2013-2017 Global Shelter Cluster Strategy was approved by the Strategic Advisory Group in early 2013. It has the goal to more effectively meet the sheltering needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises, by strengthening the shelter response of humanitarian actors through leadership, coordination and accountability in the humanitarian shelter sector.

28 Sep 2017 description
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  1. The Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) developed its first comprehensive strategy for the period 2013-17 (Annex 1). The start of the strategy also coincided with the first donor funding from ECHO in order to strengthen the GSC; the funding went on to cover the periods 2013-14 and 2015-16.
    The GSC awaits positive news of its application for continued funding for the period 2017-18, which overlaps with the end of the strategy and the beginning of its new strategy 2018-22.

03 Jul 2017 description


The year 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the Global Shelter Cluster, the inter-agency coordination mechanism for shelter response. During these ten years, coordination has improved in consistency, shelter responses have grown in scale, and there are more people with experience in shelter programming, but people continue to lose their dwellings and be displaced due to conflict and natural disasters. Global humanitarian shelter needs continue to greatly exceed the capacity and resources to respond.

08 May 2017 description


i.1 What is this guidance about?

This booklet on site planning and the reduction of gender-based violence provides practical guidance for measures which can be taken to reduce risks to affected populations around camps and sites.

14 Jun 2016 description
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Executive Summary

The use of direct cash payments to support communities impacted by crisis is becoming increasingly commonplace as a response to humanitarian situations – and with good reason. Cash can often be faster and more cost-efficient to deliver than in-kind assistance and most importantly increases choice, flexibility and dignity for beneficiaries allowing them to exercise some of their basic rights whilst potentially stimulating the recovery of livelihoods and contributing towards post-crisis economic rehabilitation.

18 Jan 2016 description
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Links to the Humanitarian Charter and international law

10 Jun 2015 description
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  1. The transitional shelter approach adds to other successful response approaches, such as core housing and semi-permanent housing, to broaden the range of options for governments and humanitarian stakeholders to support populations affected by disasters and conflicts.