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31 Oct 2018 description
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October 30, 2018 3:35 PM
William Eagle

In Nigeria, Boko Haram militants recently abducted and killed two aid workers. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, civilians threw stones at Ebola health workers, a day after rebels shot and killed two medics with the Congolese army.

London-based research group Humanitarian Outcomes says 139 humanitarian aid workers were killed worldwide in 2017, with another 102 wounded and 72 kidnapped. Data show the bulk of attacks against relief workers took place in South Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan and the Central African Republic.

31 Aug 2018 description
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Martin Arostegui

ALGECIRAS, SPAIN — Spain, known for having one of the most tolerant immigration policies in Europe and accepting boatloads of migrants when no other EU nation would, was expected to open its doors even wider under its new socialist government. But that policy now appears to be going in reverse.

24 Aug 2018 description
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WASHINGTON — Thirty-six million people currently live with AIDS, a disease that claimed the lives of nearly 1 million people last year. Experts predict that by 2030, 100 million people will have been infected with the HIV virus.

Despite the alarming numbers, there have been great strides in treatment. HIV is no longer a death sentence, and researchers say people receiving treatment for HIV are able to live normal lives and do not pose a risk to others when they are being treated proactively.

23 Aug 2018 description
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HOUSTON, TEXAS — An internship at a hospital in Malawi was an eye-opening experience for Sonia Sosa.

“Sometimes, there are tons of babies, and there are not that many nurses, so they’re understaffed. It was really hard to work there, but then it also challenged me to really go back and work really hard to be able to provide this care that is accessible to them,” said Sosa, who studied biomedical engineering and is a global health fellow at Rice 360° Institute for Global Health in Houston.

19 Aug 2018 description
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Phil Mercer

SYDNEY — Despite a call for more migrants and refugees to be resettled beyond Australia's big cities, new figures show finding work can be tough. Refugees from a special 2015 humanitarian intake of refugees from Syria and Iraq who moved to regional parts of Queensland have run into problems getting a job. Only one in five are employed, and some have abandoned their initial plans and moved to a large city.

23 Jul 2018 description
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Spanish rescuers have picked up nearly 800 migrants trying the cross the Mediterranean Sea into the European Union over the past two days.

Coast Guard boats pulled people off of dangerously overcrowded vessels from the Straits of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea - two of the closest points between Spain the coast of North Africa.

The U.N.'s International Organization for Migration said more than 18,000 people have reached Spain from North Africa so far this year.

18 Jul 2018 description
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July 18, 2018 1:29 AM
VOA News

Libya's coast guard is denying accusations by a Spanish aid group that it left two women and a child to die in the Mediterranean Sea.

Coast guard spokesman Ayoub Gassim on Tuesday said the service carries out rescues of Europe-bound migrants, "in accordance with international standards in saving lives at sea.''

He blamed human traffickers and "irresponsible, non-governmental groups" for any tragedies that occur at sea.

16 Jun 2018 description
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Spain's coast guard said it rescued more than 930 migrants and recovered four dead bodies Friday and Saturday in the Mediterranean Sea, as the country prepares for the arrival of the Aquarius rescue ship, which has become the heart of a major dispute within the European Union over how to handle the migration crisis.

The coast guard said hundreds of the migrants were rescued from small inflatable boats in the Gibraltar strait, where it also found the four bodies.

12 Jun 2018 description
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ROME — A rescue ship run by a European charity is headed to Spain with more than 600 migrants on board after Italy and Malta refused to accept the vessel. Italy’s new government, which campaigned on halting the flow of migrants into the country, is starting to make good on his promises.

The European Union and the United Nations refugee agency had called for a swift end to a political standoff that left 629 migrants on the rescue ship Aquarius drifting at sea. Spain has now offered to take the ship in after Italy and Malta refused.

04 Jun 2018 description
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Tunisia's Defense Ministry says at least 46 migrants have died after their boat sank off the country's southern coast and 67 others were rescued by the coast guard on Sunday.

The rescue operation was ongoing, the ministry said in a statement. The migrants were of Tunisian and other nationalities.

In a separate incident, nine people, including six children, died Sunday after a speedboat carrying 15 refugees sank off the coast of Turkey’s southern province of Antalya, the Turkish coast guard said in a statement.

12 May 2018 description
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May 11, 2018 11:02 AM
Darren Taylor

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA — While the South African city of Cape Town drew international attention when it warned it could run out of water this year, an international charity focused on global water supplies says "slow burning" droughts have wreaked even worse devastation in other parts of Africa.

Jonathan Farr leads work on water security for Water Aid, an organization that works to bring clean water to some of the world's poorest communities, including in southern Africa.

28 Apr 2018 description
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April 27, 2018 9:28 PM
Jamie Dettmer

The Syrian government is set to seize the property of millions of Syrians who fled their homes, unless they return to claim them by presenting ownership deeds to local authorities.

Under a law introduced in April, the 6 million Syrians who fled their homes to escape the carnage and 7 million displaced to other parts of the war-torn country have until May 10 to register their properties or forfeit their homes. “The remaining plots will be auctioned,” according to legislation known as Law No. 10.

23 Apr 2018 description
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Mike O'Sullivan

LOS ANGELES — The California-based charity Justice Rising is working to educate youngsters in conflict zones, especially the strife-torn eastern section of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of many organizations struggling to meet a need that is largely unmet in trouble spots worldwide, according to the the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

Justice Rising built its first school in eastern Congo in 2015 and has since built six others, employing 60 teachers and administrators and serving more than 1,600 students.

22 Apr 2018 description
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The Libyan navy said it has recovered the bodies of 11 migrants and rescued 263 others in two separate operations off Libya's western coast.

The migrants were from various sub-Saharan African countries, he said.

Libya is the most common departure point for migrants trying to reach Europe by sea. More than 600,000 crossed the central Mediterranean to Italy in the past four years, the vast majority from Libya.

08 Apr 2018 description
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AUSTIN, TEXAS - Despite a global abundance of food, a United Nations report says 815 million people, 11 percent of the world’s population, went hungry in 2016. That number seems to be rising.

Poverty is not the only reason, however, people are experiencing food insecurity.

23 Mar 2018 description
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WASHINGTON — Al-Zaatari is one of hundreds of camps where people forced from their homelands by armed conflicts and civil wars go, hoping that one day they will go back home.

Opened in 2012, near Jordan's border with Syria, the 5.2-square-kilometer settlement is now home to nearly 80,000 Syrian refugees.

16 Mar 2018 description
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March 15, 2018 11:40 PM
VOA News

A group of asylum seekers being held in U.S. detention centers since applying to enter the country filed a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups filed the suit Thursday in U.S. District Court in Washington on behalf of nine detained asylum seekers from Haiti, Venezuela and other countries.

02 Nov 2017 description
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By Margaret Besheer

UNITED NATIONS — “Like a monster, it destroys everything.”

That’s how one school girl from a Pacific Island nation described a tsunami.

On Dec. 26, 2004, a magnitude-9.1 earthquake in Indonesia set off a massive tsunami which killed more than 230,000 people across four countries and cost an estimated $10 billion in damages.

Nov. 5 is World Tsunami Awareness Day and at the United Nations Wednesday, disaster risk reduction was high on the agenda.

25 Oct 2017 description
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October 24, 2017 1:37 PM
Kim Lewis
Josephine McKenna

The international aid group Save the Children is suspending its efforts to rescue migrants making the dangerous Mediterranean Sea crossing from Libya.

Tuesday, the organization said the combination of falling numbers of crossings and worsening security forced it to stop sending its ship, the Vos Hestia, out from its port in Italy.

Save the Children said the ship rescued as many as 10,000 migrants over the past year after the smugglers’ vessels they were in foundered at sea.

23 Sep 2017 description
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Sora Halake

Scientists are warning that the Horn of Africa may have to endure another dry season and more food insecurity because of weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean.

In mid-August, water temperatures in the east central Pacific began to dip below average, increasing the chances that the weather phenomenon known as La Nina could develop in the Northern Hemisphere.