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09 Nov 2018 description
report Solidar

Following the US and Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic have also expressed their intention not to sign the UN Pact on Migration next December. Approved in July 2018 by all 193 UN members except the US, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is an intergovernmental agreement establishing a common understanding of all aspects of international migration and a framework for comprehensive international cooperation.

28 Oct 2018 description
report Solidar

The project AMiD (Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities) aims to support an efficient management of the reception and integration of asylum seekers and migrants with disabilities in the EU. AMiD purpose is to outline a Needs Assessment tool to empower NGOs and Local Authorities to assess and support with adequate responses migrants and refugees with disabilities in Europe.

09 May 2018 description

The new Hungarian parliament which will first assemble on 8 May is set to vote on draconian and regressive legislation which could arbitrarily restrict fundamental rights and freedoms of civil society. The proposed laws would further undermine and stigmatise organisations working to defend the human rights of migrants and refugees.

28 Apr 2018 description
report Solidar

UNHCR and OECD stressed the primary importance of refugees’ and asylum seekers’ integration into the labour market, as they launched the new Action Plan to boost refugees’ employment, that underlines the indispensable importance of the skills and abilities of refugees as significant economic potential for receiving countries.

13 Dec 2017 description
report Solidar

In 2015-2016, when the influx of refugees trying to escape from conflict and persecution and seek asylum in Europe was at its climax, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and SOLIDAR launched the common project “From Europe to local: Migrating solidarity”, which aimed at analysing the crucial role that civil society organisations all over Europe played in offering assistance, support and comfort to migrants wishing to integrate in European societies.

25 Sep 2017 description
report Solidar

This briefing paper constitutes SOLIDAR’s contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the existing EU legal framework for the legal entry and stay of nationals of non-EU countries to EU Member States (legal migration) as part of the Fitness Check on EU legal migration legislation. The Fitness Check aims at assessing the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and EU added value of the legislation; identifying possible gaps and inconsistencies in the EU legislative framework and analysing whether it contributes to an effective management of migration flows.

14 Jul 2017 description
report Solidar

As a result of the high pressure on Italy with regards to the migration flow and the lack of solidarity from other Member States, pointing the finger at NGOs undertaking search and rescue (SAR) operations has become the new trend.

23 Feb 2017 description
report Solidar

The Hungarian Government has recently submitted to the Parliament a bill on “reinforcing the legal border seal” with the declared aim of preventing illegal entry and movement of people of “unknown identity and motivation”. If adopted, the new rules will introduce tough criminal sanctions by authorising the police to push back every irregularly staying migrant and automatically detain all migrants entering transit zones for the entire duration of the asylum application procedure.

25 Jan 2017 description

The increasing number of people in need of international protection perishing on their way to safety is a sinister reminder of the limitations of the current international protection regime. Entitlements to the rights recognised by international and regional protection systems, including under the EU’s Common European Asylum System (CEAS), are accessible only to those who manage to reach the physical borders of the host state.

14 Dec 2016 description

This week, European leaders meet in Brussels to discuss, amongst other things, progress on the EU-Turkey deal, the reform of the European asylum system, solidarity and responsibility sharing, and cooperation with countries of origin and transit. As humanitarian and human rights organisations working in Europe, we are gravely concerned that European policies are trying more and more to push people out of Europe, making it even harder to seek asylum, and leaving it to Member States of first entry, like Greece, to shoulder all the responsibility.

27 Oct 2016 description

To the Members of the European Parliament,

The Afghanistan donor conference that took place on October 4 and 5 2016 brought together representatives from 75 countries and 26 international organizations. €13.6 billion was pledged – amongst other priorities – to “end violence and a political process towards lasting peace and reconciliation.”

09 Feb 2016 description
report Solidar

On Saturday 6th January, **SOLIDAR** member Solidarité Laïque has inaugurated its _’Ecole Laïque du Chemin des Dunes’_ providing education to minors and adults living in the encampment in Calais, also wrongly called “the jungle”.

06 Jun 2008 description
report Solidar

After the high-level meetings of the Food and Agriculture Organisation held in Rome on 2-5 June, SOLIDAR is disappointed as yet another high level government conference has failed to tackle the real issues at hand by introducing an immediate change of policy.

01 Oct 2006 description
report Solidar

In the context of criticism of the effectiveness of INGOs in post tsunami Sri Lanka- including by the Tsunami Evaluation Committee - this article examines the organisational arrangements between a number of medium sized INGOs who formed an ad hoc consortium. It argues that this model may hold some lessons for NGOs working on development and emergency relief issues.

01 Aug 2003 description
report Solidar

This report aims to study and develop a comparative research on intervention policy and guidelines in relation to involuntary population movements and reconstruction strategy.

It is based on a research project consisting of two field research periods in two different locations (Balkan, Middle East) as well as a literature review.

The booklet is a summary of the results of the project titled "Bridging the Gap. Research project on Involuntary population movement and reconstruction strategy" founded by ECHO.