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06 Jun 2016 description

Forest peoples and indigenous organisations in Asia, Africa, and South and Central America have made considerable progress over the last year in their work to secure their rights.

Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) has continued to support forest peoples’ efforts to gain ownership of their lands, aiming to ensure that their voices are heard across the complex political and social global landscape as they assert their human rights.

10 Jun 2015 description

Nearly all forests across the globe are inhabited. The peoples who live there have customary rights and have developed ways of life and traditional knowledge that are attuned to their forest environments. Yet, forest policies commonly treat forests as empty lands controlled by the State and available for development, colonisation, logging, plantations, dams, mines, oil wells, gas pipelines and agribusiness.

10 Mar 2015 description

Introduction to the Toolkit on the Inter-American Human Rights System for Indigenous Women

Author: Ellen-Rose Kambel / Editors: Valerie Couillard and Andrea Galindo

03 Nov 2014 description

Forest Peoples Programme 31 October, 2014

The October 2014 issue of the FPP’s newsletter carries stories about forest rights and forest wrongs, as conflicting interests and approaches battle to decide the fate of the forests and forest peoples in different countries.

07 Jul 2014 description
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This was a year of positive change for the Ogiek people of Mount Elgon in Kenya. They began a powerful community process to protect their lands, writing down their traditional bylaws, tackling illegal charcoal burners and drafting provisions for the Community Land Bill, Wildlife Bill and Forest Act. Constructive relationships with conservation bodies and politicians led to better conditions for the Ogiek communities, including government-funded primary schools.

23 Jan 2014 description

Ce guide illustre les aspects clé des lois et des droits fonciers essentiels pour garantir la propriété et la contrôle des terres et des ressources par les communautés, exprimés également par le concept de la sécurité foncière des terres et des ressources. Il explique comment identifier et créer des possibilités de réforme législative et présente des exemples de réformes ayant eu lieu dans différents pays africains.

Le présent guide n’est pas exhaustif, mais vise à :

23 Jan 2014 description

This Guide, produced by FERN, the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP), ClientEarth and the Centre for Environment and Development (CED), explains key aspects of law and land rights that are important for securing community ownership and control of land and resources – also referred to as secure land and resource tenure. It explains how to identify and create opportunities for law reform and offers examples of reforms that have taken place in several African countries.

This Guide is not exhaustive but aims to: