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09 Feb 2018 description

This statement was originally published on blog.wan-ifra.org on 29 January 2018.

Germany has taken in more than a million refugees since 2015, and plenty of stories have been written about them. But, according to the founders of a new project called Newscomer, the views and opinions of refugees themselves are rarely featured in mainstream media coverage.

06 Feb 2018 description

This statement was originally published on Pacific Freedom Forum's Facebook page on 28 January 2018.

Governments need to recognise a new category of refugee for the information age, says PFF, the Pacific Freedom Forum.

"Journalists, whistleblowers and activists desperately need new options for keeping their urgent messages alive," says PFF Chair Monica Miller.

27 Oct 2017 description

The UN Plan of Action on journalists' safety provides an opportunity to join a multi-stakeholder effort to fight impunity for crimes against journalist. IFEX's 5-minute guide explains what it is, how civil society organisations can use it, and ways it can be made stronger.

18 Sep 2015 description

This statement was originally published on freemedia.at on 17 September 2015.

The year 2015 is on course to be the deadliest year for the media on record, according to the International Press Institute's (IPI) Death Watch, which has systematically kept track of journalists' killings around the world since 1997.

07 Feb 2013 description

The decisions IFEX members make and the challenges they face when documenting journalists' fatalities

By Marianna Tzabiras

Countless journalists around the world risk their lives to cover conflict zones, and raise the ire of powerful groups by reporting on controversial subjects. Sometimes they pay the ultimate price, losing their lives to bring us the story.

23 Jan 2013 description

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) - 23 January 2013 - Many governments and big businesses hide behind a veil of secrecy. They want to hide their impact on people's lives and the environment and to silence criticism of their policies and operations.

That means no one can hold them to account for actions that result in millions of people suffering from hunger. By strengthening laws that force them to be open and honest, we can make sure they do not get away with it.

26 Nov 2012 description

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) - 22 November 2012 - We, the undersigned participants of the meeting of the civil society delegates of the 2nd UN Inter-Agency meeting on the safety of journalists and the issues of impunity, that took place on the 21st of November, 2012:

  • Welcome and endorse the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity with the expectation that the United Nations and the member states will engage all stakeholders, including civil society and media, in its implementation in a participatory and inclusive manner;