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03 Oct 2018 description

Introduction: Restoring the Transport Sector after a Disaster

12 Jan 2018 description

The materials contained in this supplementary document complement those found in the existing IRP Guidance Note on Recovery – Health. The discussions and case studies contained herein portray an expanded and oftentimes fresh perspective on many of the issues found in the original guidance note on several new and emerging issues for which there exist best practices and lessons learned.

07 Oct 2016 description


The Guidance Note on Recovery: Private Sector draws from the wider body of knowledge on private sector recovery and from documented experiences of past and present disaster planning and recovery e orts. Materials have been collected through desk review and direct consultations with relevant experts. These experiences and lessons learned are classi ed into the following four major issues:

  1. The Disaster Recovery Role of the Private Sector

  2. Engaging the Private Sector in Disaster Recovery

31 Dec 2012 description

This guidance note presents a series of steps to initiate and sustain Pre Disaster Recovery Planning (PDRP) in order to ensure that communities "build back better" following a natural disaster. It offers guidance on developing a planning framework and attempts to present the key steps and considerations at a broad level, to present relevant examples, and to provide recommendations grounded in the experiences of others.

04 Apr 2011 description

Introduction to Health Recovery

There is currently an abundance of documents, plans and policies that address common issues faced in the mitigation, preparedness and relief phases of natural disaster management. Yet for disaster recovery planners and policy makers, there is no cohesive documented body of knowledge. It is conceded that preventive measures are vital to reducing the more costly efforts of responding to disasters.

31 Dec 2010 description

This compilation presents different cases of post disaster recovery highlighting the role of community. Involvement of community in the overall process of determining what is to be done, how it is to be done, who it is to benefit, and how to implement decisions to ―build back better‖ are emphasized.

31 Oct 2009 description
  1. Why Gender Issues in Recovery Are Important?

1.1 Recovery Cannot Be Resilient Without Addressing Gender Issues

31 May 2007 description

A comprehensive study of disaster threads, risks, challenge of limitation and also the promise of opportunities, briefly described as the lesson of disaster experience. This review provides integrated approach of post disaster recovery management explanation from many points of view of decision makers such as Governments, Professionalisms or even political. By supported by some study cases of disaster management in some countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and Colombia, this review gives lucid concrete explanation of the lesson of disaster and management recovery.