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20 Apr 2018 description
report Trócaire

The war in Syria has created the largest displacement crisis in the world. Almost 12 million people have fled their homes since the war began seven years ago.

Over 6 million are displaced in Syria, with a further 5.5 million having fled the country.

Most of the refugees are living in neighbouring Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Turkey hosts over 2.9 million Syrians. There are more than 1 million Syrians in Lebanon and 660,000 in Jordan.

Iraq has also seen a growing number of Syrians arriving, hosting more than 241,000, while 122,000 are in Egypt.

11 Oct 2017 description
report Trócaire

Éamonn Meehan

Trócaire has welcomed today’s Budget 2018 announcement to increase overseas Official Development Assistance (ODA). However, Ireland is still way off track to achieving its international commitment.

Trócaire welcomes today’s Budget 2018 announcement to increase ODA by €13m in spending.

Speaking recently at the launch of the Irish Aid annual report, Minister Simon Coveney highlighted the importance of having a clear roadmap to achieve Ireland’s long standing commitment to provide 0.7pc of GNI* by 2025.

12 Jul 2017 description
report Trócaire


In Trócaire’s new Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020, Humanitarian Response is one of three priority areas of work. Trócaire has a clear mandate to act on the humanitarian imperative and respond to those in greatest need in crises.

11 Jul 2017 description
report Trócaire

Key Concerns
- The EU-Turkey plan is not designed in the best interests of refugees and asylum seekers, including Syrian civilians, but is instead focuses on containing the flow of displaced people trying to reach European countries.
- The plan has the potential to seriously erode the crucial protection for refugees afforded them under international law by designating Turkey a safe third country– leading to potential violation of the principle of non-refoulement.

02 Jun 2017 description

The term ‘localisation’ has become the buzzword of 2017, a subject that has taken on a new dimension due to the commitments made as part of the Grand Bargain1 agreed at the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016.

International actors are paying more attention to the role of local and national organisations while national actors want to play a bigger role in humanitarian response and be recognised as major players in first line response.

31 Dec 2016 description
report Trócaire

SASA! Faith is a guide to preventing violence against women and HIV in faith based communities and was co-created by Trócaire and Raising Voices. SASA! Faith takes the structure, process and content of the original SASA! and adapts it for use in Christian and Muslim communities. It is an initiative in which leaders, members and believers of a religion come together to prevent violence against women and HIV.

09 Sep 2016 description
report Trócaire

Only 311 Syrian refugees have been taken in by Ireland, despite Government promise last year to welcome 4000.

On September 10th 2015, following the public outcry emanating from the drowning of three-year-old Syrian refugee, Alan Kurdi, the Irish Government promised 4,000 refugees would be offered safety in Ireland.

Exactly one year on, just one unaccompanied child, and a total of 311 Syrian refugees have been taken in by Ireland.

Just one unaccompanied child

27 Jun 2016 description

Joint NGO statement ahead of the European Council of 28-29 June 2016 NGOs strongly condemn new EU policies to contain migration

At the upcoming European Council, European Union (EU) leaders will discuss the European Commission’s Communication on a new Partnership Framework with third countries. The Communication proposes an approach which aims to leverage existing EU and Member States' external cooperation instruments and tools in order to stem migration to Europe.

01 Oct 2015 description
report Trócaire

Posted by Eoghan Rice

The refugee crisis was back on the agenda of Dáil Éireann this morning, with TDs debating the Irish and EU response to the ongoing crisis caused by the war in Syria.

Although the issue has faded somewhat from the front pages, it is in fact getting more serious. With winter approaching and temperatures set to plummet in central and eastern Europe, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees risk being left in limbo, stuck in freezing temperatures with nowhere to go and no legal protection.

17 Jul 2015 description
report Trócaire

Posted by Eoghan Rice

The Financing for Development Summit in Addis Ababa has ended disappointingly, with wealthy countries refusing to sign-up to the reforms and spending commitments necessary to tackle extreme poverty.

This summit was a vital moment for the global community to come together and agree on how to finance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are due to come into effect in January. The SDGs are ambitious in their desire to end extreme poverty, yet the failure to agree on how to finance them does not bode well.

10 Apr 2015 description
report Trócaire


1 - 3. Sally O'Neill and Her Contribution to Trócaire and Central America

  1. Updates from the Honduras and Guatemala DIPECHO projects News from the Region

  2. El Salvador & Guatemala

  3. Honduras & Nicaragua

  4. Bishop Oscar Romero to be Canonised in May 2015

04 Jun 2012 description
report Trócaire

Posted by Eoghan Rice

A short sunny spell in Ireland has already led to calls for people to be careful how much water they use in case of shortages.

Just as the freeze of two winter’s ago led to frozen pipes in many Irish homes, even the possibility of water shortages this summer reminds us of just how dependant we are on functioning taps. Cooking, washing and cleaning all require easy access to water – when that access stops, normal life grinds to a halt very quickly.

16 Dec 2011 description
report Trócaire

Posted by Alan Whelan

Below I've picked 11 of our most striking photos from a busy 2011, representing Trócaire's work responding to emergencies in Haiti, East Africa and Pakistan and our long term development work in Honduras, Malawi, Mozambique, Palestine and Zimbabwe.


18 Sep 2011 description
report Trócaire


This resource focuses on the inter linkages between food security, nutrition and HIV. It is targeted at Trócaire’s Programme Officers and Trócaire’s partners working on HIV programmes and/or Livelihood Programmes. The resource aims to strengthen understanding of the relationship between food security, nutrition and HIV using information drawn from a wide range of resources referenced throughout the document. It outlines possible programme responses for consideration and shares examples drawn from Trócaire HIV and Livelihoods programmes in different countries.

22 Mar 2011 description
report Trócaire

Extreme weather conditions will be a leading factor behind large scale humanitarian disasters over the next decade, according to a new report issued by Trócaire today (Tuesday, March 22nd).

The Leading Edge 2020 report into the future of international development has highlighted climate change as one of the five major issues facing development and aid agencies.

09 Jun 2008 description
report Trócaire

Immediate aid for those worst affected by the Global Food Crisis is a short-term fix, but not a cure for what is a long term problem, according to Trócaire Director Justin Kilcullen.

Mr Kilcullen was speaking as a major UN conference in Rome is expected to make an announcement this week on a package of solutions designed to address the growing crisis of food prices and supplies in the developing world.

According to Mr Kilcullen 'the expected announcement of immediate food aid is certainly needed to prevent immediate hunger and fight increased poverty, 'The recent sharp rise …

06 Jun 2008 description
report Trócaire

Trócaire welcomes the Agriculture Minister, Brendan Smith's, call for a long-term sustained response to the current food crisis at the UN World Food Summit in Rome.

His acknowledgement that secure access to food for all of humanity needs to be recognised as a fundamental foundation of all international and national policy is also to be welcomed.

25 Apr 2008 description
report Trócaire

In the last few days a global report stated that the world produces enough food for everyone. The report was supported by 60 countries and was backed by the World Bank and most UN bodies. But more than 800 million people go hungry everyday and the figure of 800 million is one that has been with us since the late 1980's - this has not changed.

The report from IAASTD says "Food is cheaper and diets are better than they were forty years ago but malnutrition and food insecurity threaten millions". Yet we find ourselves in the midst of a global food crisis.

01 Aug 2007 description
report Trócaire

Mobilising people to seek economic and social justice has always been at the heart of our work. We believe that charity should never be a substitute for justice and every year we work to bring about a just world where people's dignity is guaranteed, their rights are respected and where they can meet their basic needs.