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18 Jun 2018 description
report Malteser

Malteser International and the Order of Malta network provide help for refugees and displaced persons worldwide

Cologne. The number of refugees and displaced persons around the world continues to increase every year. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates there are now almost 70 million people forcibly displaced across the globe, including over 22 million refugees.

22 Feb 2017 description
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Malteser International helps children in Kenya and South Sudan

11 Aug 2016 description
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Without political solutions humanitarian aid leads nowhere

24 May 2016 description
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Compilation of Commitments for alignment by Malteser International on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Summit on the basis of Core Commitments to the 7 High Level Leaders’ Roundtables as well as samples of additional Commitments laid out in WHS-Commitment documents with references to these Roundtables and last but not least Commitments and equivalents “action areas” (charters, platforms etc.) laid out with the 15 Special Sessions.

20 May 2016 description
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Cologne: The first UN World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) will take place in Istanbul on 23 and 24 May 2016. “The global consultation process that has taken place in the years preceding the summit has not just led to a comprehensive overview of the current state of affairs in humanitarian aid; it has put changes and improvements on the table that have long been called for by people within the system. Many of these points can be found in the UN Secretary General’s Agenda for Humanity that was released in February 2016,” said Sid Johann Peruvemba, Malteser International’s Vice Secretary General.

14 Oct 2015 description
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Malteser International: Taking the special needs of disabled people into account

Cologne: The experience and local knowledge of communities and disaster affected populations lie at the centre of this year’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. This close relationship with affected people is an essential factor in ensuring the success of sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs.

08 Oct 2015 description
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Helping refugees suffering from trauma is not an impossible task

18 Sep 2015 description
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Cologne. With nearly 60 million refugees, fleeing from violence and armed conflicts in their homelands, a peaceful life is far from reality. On World Peace Day (September 21st), Malteser International’s Secretary General, Ingo Radtke, is calling on the global community to make peace more than a word, and in doing so address the root causes of flight and expulsion.

18 Aug 2014 description
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Cologne. The growing number of international humanitarian law violations has made the work of relief workers increasingly difficult, Malteser International states ahead of World Humanitarian Day on August 19th.

“We are extremely worried about the developments in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine, and many other countries today,” says Ingo Radtke, Malteser International Secretary General. “Violent conflicts, terror and violence are making it nearly impossible to work in those countries.”

24 Aug 2012 description
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This year’s World Water Week in Stockholm examines the widely neglected and underestimated adverse nutritional impact of lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Arno Coerver, Regional WASH Advisor Asia of Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid, states: “Investments into WASH could considerably contribute to reduce malnutrition of children. Even simple and quite cost-saving measures like washing hands with soap are highly efficient and in the end facilitate a better utilization of the available food.”

21 Mar 2012 description
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Cologne. The recent news that a target under the seventh Millennium Development Goal – to halve the proportion of the global population without access to safe drinking water – has been reached is a reason for celebration on World Water Day. However, Malteser International, the relief service of the Order of Malta for humanitarian aid, calls for going beyond the statistics and focusing on reaching the nearly 800 million people worldwide who are still without a source of clean water.

01 Jul 2009 description
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This manual is intended to help project managers alike to assess and plan humanitarian aid projects throughout all phases, from the emergency situation up to the developmental phase. The manual provides a set of compiled standards and key indicators, which have been developed by many people for various sectors and have reached a remarkable consensus in the humanitarian world. It gives practical advice for on-the-ground interventions. Additional some references have been made on further information sources.

01 Jun 2009 description
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2008 was a year marked by a large number of natural disasters that have caused immense human suffering as well as material damages.

14 Mar 2008 description
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Cologne/Bonn. Yesterday night, Malteser International presented its new movie about its projects for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Sri Lankato the public. With striking images, director Martin Hilbert from Aquino Film showed that there is no need for a developed and expensive technology in order to provide clean drinking water and a working waste water system.

29 Nov 2006 description
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Cologne/Nairobi. Malteser International demands a strong rise in the vocational training and employment of qualified personnel for the fight against the immune deficiency disease AIDS. "Millions of specialised staff - medical staff, community health workers, staff for psycho-social treatment, social workers, and lab technicians - are missing.