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27 Jun 2018 description

Twenty-one humanitarian and human rights organizations respond with dismay to the Dutch Parliament’s approval of the EU’s new asylum plans to offshore asylum protection. With a joint appeal, they ask the government for a humane asylum policy, in line with international law.

02 Jun 2017 description
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An Open Letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres

As organizations working to protect the rights of children in armed conflict, we are dismayed by your reported decision to “freeze” any new additions of parties to conflict that commit grave violations of children’s rights to the annexes to your 2017 annual report to the United Nations Security Council on children and armed conflict. We urge you to reconsider, and issue an updated list with your report, including all perpetrators responsible for patterns of grave violations against children in 2016.

14 Mar 2017 description

On February 8, the UN General Assembly held an informal meeting marking the 20th Anniversary of Resolution 51/77 (1997) on the promotion and protection of the rights of children. This resolution established the mandate of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict (SRSG-CAAC). In his opening remarks, President of the General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Peter Thomson, called the resolution “a landmark development in our global efforts to improve the protection of children in conflict situations.” A high-level panel discussion was moderated by SRSG-CAAC Ms.

31 Dec 2016 description

The need to build peace

29 Dec 2016 description

The introduction of the Minimum Standards for Child Protection (CPMS) in Humanitarian Action created the opportunity for renewed focus on the physical dangers and injuries that children experience during emergencies as a specific life saving child protection need. Standard #7 on Dangers and Injuries states that girls and boys are protected against harm, injury and disability caused by physical dangers in their environments, and the physical and psychological needs of injured children are responded to in a timely and efficient way.

27 Oct 2016 description

War Child launches a guide to sexual and gender-based violence legal protection in acute emergencies

30 Sep 2016 description

We live in a world in which 28 million children have been driven from their homes as a result of conflict, persecution and insecurity. If current trends continue, more than 63 million children could be forced to flee by 2025, of which over 25 million will cross borders and become refugees. At least 300,000 of these child refugees will end up alone, separated from their families. Without a step-change in the provision of education for refugee children, at least 12 million of them will be out of school by 2025.

23 Sep 2016 description

Forced Migration

The figures for forced migration are staggering and unprecedented. And yet the movement of people is a symptom of a crisis, not the cause. Until there is a global reduction in violence and conflict, the problem will continue to get worse.

15 Oct 2015 description

The first World Humanitarian Summit, which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2016, will bring together governments, humanitarian organisations, and people affected by humanitarian crises to propose solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. In the months leading up to the Summit, ensuring that children’s voices are heard in these discussions is a key priority for Plan International.

04 Sep 2015 description
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Refugee Crisis

The terrible images from Turkey that have dominated the news this week have rightly focused Canadians attention on the ever worsening refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. Sadly, this is not a new narrative for War Child. The tragedy unfolding on our TV screens is the result of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis affecting many parts of Africa and the Middle East.

16 Jul 2015 description

Local Solutions to Global Problem

20 Nov 2014 description

Child Protection

Child protection is about keeping children safe from violence, exploitation and abuse. It is an issue in all countries, including here in Canada. Here we have strict laws, social services and specialist charities that are all in place to prevent and respond to child protection violations. Widespread child protection crises are thankfully relatively rare here.

14 Jun 2014 description

A briefing paper prepared for the workshop held at the Overseas Development Institute, London, 14 May 2014

This briefing paper provides an overview of existing and new research on the reality of sexual violence against men and boys in conflict situations, highlights the importance of the Rome Statute's definition of sexual violence in enabling comprehensive responses to people of all genders, and emphasises the humanitarian principles which should inform responses.

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the Refugee Law Project,

31 Dec 2013 description

This publication is a collection of three submissions by War Child Holland to the Children and War Conference 2013. The submissions include a study on the reintegration of war affected children in five of our field offices, an examination of the detention of children and young people in East Jeruslam, and an assesment of our psychosocial intervention, I DEAL, in South Sudan.

26 Sep 2013 description

Building on previous principles and guidelines, the Kampala Recommendations are an attempt to formulate a new set of guidelines on recovery and reintegration programming. The Kampala Recommendations incorporate new developments in the children and armed conflict agenda, highlighting the growing attention paid towards participation in transitional justice and reconciliation programmes, and the shift away from the focus on child soldiers towards a wider and more protective interpretation of children affected by conflict.

01 Mar 2007 description

Each year, 300,000 children worldwide are actively deployed in wars. These are children who have to fight as soldiers, perform espionage or reconnaissance activities, and provide sexual services to army commanders.

Children are deployed in nearly 75% of all armed conflicts worldwide, both by regular armies and by other armed groups, such as militias, paramilitaries and rebel groups and gangs. Of these children, 80% are younger than 15. Being a child and being a soldier cannot and should not be compatible. And still it happens. Every day.

01 Jan 2007 description

This is our Annual Report for 2006 and plan for 2007. War Child believes that it is the most marginalised children who are the hardest hit by war. Based on this belief we focus our efforts on those children who live with the combined effects of war, poverty and social exclusion. And so our mission is to create a protective environment in which these children can grow with the support of their communities, the care of their families and with hope for their own future.