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08 Jul 2017 description

The recent rise in migration to Europe has put borders and their security back on the political agenda of the European Union and its member states. Alongside stricter control of the Union’s external borders, border security also plays a growing role in cooperation with third states. The action plan adopted by European and African heads of state and government at the Valletta summit on migration in November 2015 includes assistance for strengthening national capacities at land, air and sea borders.

02 May 2017 description

Fostering Development through Transitional Social and Economic Integration

10 Jan 2017 description

One year after the great refugee influx reached Europe, lasting changes are seen to have occurred in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. All four have tightened their asylum policies, in some cases drastically, and border controls between them have been reinstated for the first time since the 1950s. While differences over joint EU migration policy also remain, the situation has also created awareness of the need to improve coordination of migration and integration policies in Northern Europe. Closer coordination with Germany would also be desirable.

05 Aug 2016 description

On 19 September 2016 the international community will discuss asylum and migration issues in a single framework for the first time. The success of the high-level plenary session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York will depend on whether it manages to institute a binding principle of shared responsibility in refugee crises, and lay the foundations for rights-based migration governance. Germany, which has lately risen to international prominence in refugee and migration matters, can profit from the summit and supply input for tackling the political challenges.

27 Mar 2013 description

The "Crisis Management Toolbox – From Civilian Crisis Prevention to Peacebuilding: Principles, Actors, Instruments", a joint publication of the SWP and the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) which was originally published in German in 2011, is now available in an updated English version.

04 Feb 2013 description

Medium altitude, long endurance drones are becoming a component of regular air forces. However, the extent to which manned aircraft are being replaced by such “MALE UAVs” (MALE = Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) remains unclear. At present Germany is faced with determining with what means the Luftwaffe should be equipped in the medium term (up to 2020) and long-term (post-2020).

11 Dec 2012 description

Peacebuilding – understood as a broad range of activities to solidify peace and avoid the relapse into violent conflict – has become central to the self-conception of the EU as a foreign policy actor. The concept has been making inroads into different EU policy areas such as security and defence, development cooperation, enlargement and the European Neighbourhood Policy. At the same time, the dominant approach to peacebuilding has increasingly come under fire because of its failure to produce durable peace in many countries.

19 Apr 2012 description

The European Union maintains close relations with numerous states that are in precarious transition processes. These states and their societies are struggling to leave the legacy of war and violence behind them, but nevertheless remain far from achieving the long-term stability they seek. In many cases, state institutions have either limited capacity, or none at all, to deliver basic services like those associated with security, health or social security.