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29 Jun 2006 description

Geneva(ICRC) - The text of the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance was approved today by the recently established UN Human Rights Council.

"The Convention raises hopes for the future because its provisions are aimed at preventing disappearances. We trust that it will rapidly be adopted by the UN General Assembly and then widely ratified by States," said Jakob Kellenberger, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

27 Jun 2006 description

The European Commission has adopted its 2006 Annual Work Programme for grants in the area of food aid and food security with a global budget of Ä 197 million. The EC approach is focused on the integration of food security policy within the fight against poverty, hence recognizing hunger as the basic dimension of poverty. Activities foreseen in the Annual Work Programme aim at contributing to the achievement of the first Millennium Development Goal: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

19 Jun 2006 description

United Nations, New York — United Nations organizations and civil society groups today announced a Joint Partnership to tackle sexual violence in conflict and crisis situations around the world. This Joint Partnership builds on existing initiatives and will address not only the threat that sexual violence poses to life and livelihood of survivors, but also the longer-term impact on community and national development.

15 Jun 2006 description

" Investing in school safety and disaster risk education pays off"

12 Jun 2006 description

Summary of sections

Section 1. Introduction

Summary: Civil defence emergency management (CDEM) planning is essential if the impacts of emergencies on people and our communities are to be managed and reduced.

07 Jun 2006 description

International Development Secretary, Hilary Benn, today called on the international community to support the new UN humanitarian fund with long term financing, as the UK announced a three year pledge of £120 million.

Mr Benn, who led the campaign for the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), speaking at the British Red Cross at the launch of DFID's new humanitarian policy paper, said:

"The setting up of the CERF in March this year was a big step forward for humanitarian relief. The UN now has the money to enable it to get going quickly when disaster strikes.

03 Jun 2006 description

Conor Lenihan T.D., Minister of State for Development Cooperation and Human Rights, today announced contributions of €43.5 million by Ireland to the United Nations Funds and Programmes for development.

The contributions include €10.6 million for UNICEF, €16.2 million for the UN Development Programme (UNDP), €3.1 million for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), €3.3 million for the High Commissioner for Human Rights and €2.75 million for the World Health Organization.

Speaking in New York, Minister Lenihan said:

"This funding is an important element of our overall national support …

01 Jun 2006 description

The ratio of injuries to deaths in acute natural disasters is a useful indicator for many purposes. It describes a disaster type by the epidemiological profile of its immediate impact on populations. For instance, a high injury to death ratio could be expected in certain types of disasters such as cyclones, and a lower one in earthquakes where people tend to die or survive. While injuries in earthquakes are serious, they are rarely widespread.

01 Jun 2006 description

Every year, some 300 million people are affected by natural and man-made calamities, jeopardising their lives and livelihoods. New challenges arising from climate change, rapid urbanisation, pandemics and state fragility will continue to emerge, threatening populations still further, and compromising achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

01 Jun 2006 description

The need for a uniform Glossary to be used throughout UNHCR, both at HQ and the field, has been identified upon the realisation that a number of UNHCR publications that are being issued contain a variety of different definitions and descriptions for the same concept. This creates an unclear and discordant situation which should be addressed by standardizing the usage of terminology.

The present Master Glossary is a revised compilation of terms commonly used in UNHCR publications and expanded to incorporate several terms from the OCHA Glossary of Humanitarian Terms.

01 Jun 2006 description
report Oxfam

Hundreds of thousands of people are killed each year through the misuse of small arms and light weapons (SALW) in violation of international humanitarian law and human rights law. Small arms ammunition is the fuel that keeps many of the world's conflicts raging. While small arms do not themselves cause conflict, they make it much deadlier, and a shortage of bullets can reduce or even stop fighting altogether.

01 Jun 2006 description

"Food safety should be a key consideration in hurricane awareness and preparedness," said USDA Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr. Richard Raymond. "In the hours after a tropical storm or hurricane, food safety can become a critical public health issue. People can help protect themselves from foodborne illness by adhering to USDA's food safety recommendations."

01 Jun 2006 description
report ALNAP

This guide gives essential advice and insights to humanitarian practitioners who are involved in providing safety and protecting vulnerable people in war and disaster. It provides a framework for responsibility and action which helps clarify conceptual issues and helps humanitarian field workers position themselves vis-=C3 -vis other actors who have overlapping mandates.

01 Jun 2006 description

Current security policies assume international terrorism to be the greatest threat to global security, and attempt to maintain the status quo and control insecurity through the projection of military force.