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03 Sep 2018 description

Overview Refugee Children in Addis Ababa

As of August 2018 a total of 22’802 refugees reside in Addis Ababa, mostly from Eritrea, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and the Great Lakes region. Of the total urban refugee population 7698 (34%) are children. 868 are unaccompanied and separated (377 UAC, 491 SC). Whereas 18’981 refugees are residing in Addis under the Out of Camp Policy, 3821 refugees are urban assisted due to their medical, protection or humanitarian needs and receiving financial assistance from UNHCR and partners.

31 Jul 2018 description
  • 12,134 children under the age of five were admitted and treated for acute malnutrition with a recovery rate of 88.7% and 92.3% for severe and moderate cases.

  • The average weight gain for severely malnourished children is 7.0 g/kg/d

  • Prevalence of global acute malnutrition in 15 out of 26 camps (57.7%) is below the WHO emergency threshold of 15%


  • Annual nutrition surveys have been completed in the Melkadida camps and currently ongoing in Gambella and Shire camps.

05 Jun 2018 description

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani
Location: Geneva
Date: 5 June 2018
Subject: (1) Egypt, (2) United States and (3) Ethiopia

(1) Egypt

A spate of arrests, interrogations and detentions of activists, bloggers and journalists in Egypt over the last few weeks appears to indicate a significant escalation in the crackdown against the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly in the country.

10 May 2018 description

ROME– Les agriculteurs vulnérables ont reçu un paiement d’assurance dans le cadre d'un système innovant de gestion des risques climatiques connu sous le nom de R4 Initiative de résilience rurale (R4), pour compenser les pertes liées à une faible pluviométrie en Ethiopie, Kenya, Malawi, Sénégal et Zambie. Les agriculteurs qui participent au R4 - lancé par le Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM) et Oxfam America en 2011 - recevront des paiements d'assurance, les plus importants à ce jour, totalisant 1,5 million de dollars.

09 May 2018 description

ROME – Poor rainfall in parts of Africa has triggered the largest insurance pay-out to date for vulnerable farmers under an innovative climate risk management scheme known as the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4). Farmers participating in R4 – launched by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Oxfam America in 2011 - will receive insurance payments totalling US$1.5 million to compensate for weather-related crop losses in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Senegal and Zambia.

26 Mar 2018 description

Addis Ababa March 23/2018 Ethiopia is going to implement a 10-year comprehensive refugee response strategy, the Administration for Refugees & Returnees Affairs (ARRA) said.

The new strategy will have crucial importance in realizing it’s pledged towards supporting refuges sheltering in the country by facilitating durable solutions.

Deputy Director for ARRA, Zeynu Jemal told ENA that the pervious handling of refugees were not beneficial neither to the refugees nor to host communities.

20 Mar 2018 description
report World Bank

Climate change is emerging as a potent driver of internal migration. The report Groundswell: Preparing for Internal Climate Migration (2018) projects that, by 2050, without concrete climate and development action, just over 143 million people—or around three percent of the population across Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and South Asia—could be forced to move within their own countries to escape the slow-onset impacts of climate change.

26 Jul 2017 description

335.4 M required for 2017 including special situations

79.0 M contributions received, representing 20% of requirements

256.4 M overall funding gap for Ethiopia

All figures are displayed in USD

16 May 2017 description

307.5 M required for 2017 including special situations

62.1 M contributions received, representing 20% of requirements

245.4 M overall funding gap for Ethiopia

All figures are displayed in USD

09 Dec 2016 description
report CHS Alliance

Some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the development sector perceive the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) applies only to humanitarian response interventions for crisis-affected communities - perhaps because of the prominence of the word “humanitarian” in its title. However, the essence of transparency, accountability and people management can also be applied and demonstrated in development interventions by local, national and international NGOs.

25 Oct 2016 description
report IRIN

By James Jeffrey
Freelance journalist based in Addis Ababa and regular contributor to IRIN

A $500 million investment aims to keep migrants at bay

The compound of the Jesuit Refugee Service in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, is a microcosm of the region’s troubles.

21 Sep 2016 description

A major investment for Ethiopia, which hosts the largest population of refugees in Africa, has been endorsed by the European Investment Bank, the EU Bank. The project is seen as a flagship project for sub-Saharan Africa.

11 Jul 2016 description

Addis Ababa, 7 July 2016: The newly-appointed United Nations Special Envoy on El Niño & Climate Mrs Mary Robinson, said in her remarks at a meeting with UN agencies and humanitarian donors on the impact of El Niño in Ethiopia that responses by governments and international partners to climactic events must urgently integrate humanitarian, development and resilience strategies to ensure effective, coherent and sustainable change.

01 Mar 2016 description
report Humedica

by LKO, 2016/02/27

In our article series on El Niño we already dealt with the question what this climate phenomenon exactly is. We also had the opportunity to talk to the climate expert Mojib Latif about his forecast on possible consequences of this phenomenon.

22 Dec 2015 description

21 December 2015: With the Aid & Development Africa Summit 2016 fast approaching, we are excited to share with you some of our speakers, who will deliver invaluable insight into technological innovations and best practice to improve aid delivery and development strategy in East Africa.

The opening speech of the Summit will be led by H.E. Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission.

17 Apr 2013 description

Addis Ababa April 17/2013 The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) announced that implementation of a project aimed at developing existing Africa's wheat and rice production potential is launched. The objective of the project being implemented since 2012 is to develop ways to enable the continent increase agricultural production. Institute Director-General, Dr. Solomon Assefa said the main aim of the project is to support ongoing efforts of the continent to improve supply of wheat to control existing global food price hike. Dr.

24 Jan 2013 description

Weather risk remains a major challenge to farming in poor countries that face frequent droughts. Recent evidence on index-based weather insurance points to low take-up rates largely due to basis risk (i.e. residual risk left uninsured by the index). Using randomized control trials, we study to what extent traditional groups can be utilized to mitigate basis risk by retailing insurance through these groups. We find that selling insurance through iddirs, with pre-defined sharing rules, increases take-up—suggesting that groups are better placed to reduce basis risk.

16 Jan 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund

ADDIS ABABA/WASHINGTON D.C., 16 January 2013 – Today, the Government of Ethiopia convened a meeting of African Ministers of Health and global experts aimed at accelerating reductions in preventable child deaths through sharper national plans and improved monitoring and evaluation.

The African Leadership for Child Survival – A Promise Renewed conference, follows last year’s Child Survival Call to Action, which was co-convened by the Governments of Ethiopia, India and the United States with UNICEF and launched a global roadmap to end preventable deaths of children under five.