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15 Jan 2019 description

Djibouti City – Djibouti might be a relatively small country on the Horn of Africa, but it is a significant transit location for migrants, especially from Ethiopia, who are seeking to cross over to Yemen, and ultimately to the Arab Peninsular.

Some of the migrants are children who do not leave the country and end up living on the streets of Djibouti City, the capital. For the government, this is an issue that needs attention.

13 Dec 2018 description

By: Wakanyi Hoffman, Angela Wells

Djibouti – An important seaport country in the Horn of Africa occupied by less than a million people, Djibouti is at the crossroads of one of the most transited and increasingly dangerous migration routes in the world.

With neighbouring Somalia to the Southeast, Ethiopia to the West and South and Eritrea to the North, Djibouti is a patchwork of ethnicities: its citizens descendants of European 19th century settlers, the Afar from Ethiopia, and the French-speaking Somali.

22 Dec 2017 description

Djibouti – The Ministry of Health of Djibouti in collaboration with IOM, the UN Migration Agency’s office in Djibouti have launched a mobile patrol programme on 12 December 2017 to assist migrants in all five regions of the country.

23 Feb 2016 description

Djibouti - On Sunday (21/2) IOM Djibouti welcomed a delegation of European, North American and Asian diplomats and representatives of humanitarian aid agencies. Their mission was to learn about one of the world’s most treacherous migration routes and the growing migrant crisis that is killing hundreds of migrants each year as they attempt to reach the Arabian Peninsula from the Horn of Africa.

06 Nov 2015 description
report Caritas

The events of 2015 in which hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants sought help in Europe show that walls and border security don’t prevent people from migrating, they just increase their suffering.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency 59.5 million people were forced to emigrate from their places of origin due to armed conflicts, persecution, widespread violence and human rights violations by the end of 2014.

29 Dec 2008 description

GENEVA, December 26 (UNHCR) - Regional Liaison Representative Ilunga Ngandu leaves UNHCR at the end of this month after 33 years of distinguished service. Starting as a junior protection officer in the mid-1970s, he ended up as the agency's key interlocutor with the Addis Ababa-based African Union. Ngandu will be returning to his native Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he expects to continue helping others. He spoke to UNHCR Web Editor Leo Dobbs. Excerpts of the interview:

How has UNHCR changed since you started?

It has changed tremendously.