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12 Dec 2018 description

Informed by decades of hosting refugees, Austria’s capital has enlisted the help of locals and refugees alike in schemes to integrate new arrivals to the city.

By Helen Womack in Vienna, Austria | 12 December 2018

23 Nov 2018 description

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has decided, regarding the case C-713/17 Ayubi, that persons granted refugee status must also be entitled to the same level of social assistance as nationals of the host country in accordance with the EU’s recast Qualification Directive, regardless of whether they have temporary or permanent residence.

02 Nov 2018 description

It came as little surprise when Austria announced its decision not to sign the Global Compact on Migration (GCM). But rather than creating a scandal it all looks rather sad. International cooperation on migration and asylum will continue, regardless of the self-destructive approach of one or two little land-locked countries. Along with Hungary, Austria has its head in the sand, the Austrich, trying to deny that migration exists.

27 Jul 2018 description

Three refugees from Syria have set up a self-help network that organizes language classes and a summer school for children.

By Helen Womack in Vienna, Austria | 27 July 2018

Thirty children who would otherwise have been sitting at home for the holidays are now able to benefit from a summer school in Vienna run by three volunteers from Syria who are committed to helping fellow refugees.

09 May 2018 description

Vienna, Austria - UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, today published its legal analysis on the draft amendments to the asylum law, calling on the Austrian Government to uphold its commitment to protection sensitive asylum policies.

UNHCR is concerned about several proposed new regulations, including the seizure of cash and electronic devices of asylum-seekers, and a prolonged waiting period for refugees before they are able to apply for Austrian citizenship.

28 Mar 2018 description

"We felt there was a political obligation to support refugees from day one so that they have better prospects”

By Lin Taylor

LONDON, March 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Like most teenagers, Ranim has yet to decide on a career. But the 17-year-old is certain of one thing: She must keep studying to make up for the time she spent out of school, fleeing the war in Syria to reach Austria's capital.

10 Nov 2017 description

Interview with DDr* Dessi Desmond, Deserteurs- und Flüchtlingsberatung on the occasion of the entering into force of the latest Austrian Aliens Law Amendment Act

21 Oct 2017 description


This report analyses data collected from refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants currently living in the Austrian states of Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Upper Austria, and Vorarlberg.

04 Oct 2017 description

Attitudes towards immigrants have hardened due to concerns about security and the economy

By Shadia Nasralla

VIENNA, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Ahmed Ali, a 34-year-old teacher, fled the war in Syria two years ago and settled in a quiet Austrian town on the hilly border with the Czech Republic. He was hoping to raise a family there.

Read more on Reuters.

31 May 2017 description

Austria has sharply increased the number of people it places in immigration detention after years of declining detainee populations. While it continues the controversial practice of placing immigration detainees in “Police Detention Centres,” the country opened a new dedicated immigration detention centre in 2014, which is partly operated by the controversial multinational security company G4S. The country has also announced plans to significantly boost removals, focusing mainly on people from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

26 Apr 2017 description

Vienna, Austria. On April 25, the OPEC fund for International Development (OFID), in cooperation with Sotheby's, hosted a benefit art auction in support of the Austrian Red Cross program: “Learning aid for refugee children and German courses for adults,” raising over €60,000. OFID has supported a number of initiatives aimed at promoting the integration of refugees in its host city of Vienna, and last year centered its 40 year anniversary celebrations around the plight of the refugees.

15 Jan 2017 description

by Reuters
Sunday, 15 January 2017 14:35 GMT

The Alpine country was the last stop before Germany for many fleeing war and poverty at the beginning of the refugee crisis

VIENNA, Jan 15 (Reuters) - The number of migrants applying for asylum in Austria more than halved in 2016 and did not breach a cap introduced early last year to limit new arrivals, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

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04 Aug 2016 description


A watershed moment has occurred in the history of our 65 year-old organization: Member States of the United Nations (UN) through the General Assembly on 25 July 2016 unanimously adopted a resolution approving the agreement to make IOM a “Related Organization” of the UN. This paves the way for the agreement to be signed by the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon and IOM Director General William Lacy Swing at the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19 September 2016 at the UN in New York.

29 Apr 2016 description


Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s address to the Parliament of Austria, in Vienna today:

Es ist mir eine große Ehre, als erster internationaler Gast eine Ansprache in diesem Parlament halten zu dürfen. [I am deeply honoured to be the first international dignitary to address this Parliament.]

28 Apr 2016 description

27 April 2016, 14:11 UTC

The Austrian National Council must reject changes to its asylum law that would curtail access to protection for thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers and breach its obligations under international law, said Amnesty International ahead of today’s vote.

The proposed ‘special measures’ would fast-track procedures, effectively giving police and border guards sweeping powers to arrest, detain and swiftly return or forcibly deport asylum-seekers.

02 Apr 2016 description
report Deutsche Welle

Austria and several states from Central and Eastern Europe intend to collaborate more closely to keep refugees out. In the future, military personnel could be deployed to help guard the EU's external borders.