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01 Jan 2001 description

The disaster descriptions on the following pages cover the period of the USG's fiscal year, October 1, 1999 through September 30, 2000. During FY 2000, USAID/OFDA responded to 66 new "declared" disasters. Many of the disasters in FY 2000 required a mix of USG financial and staff resources.

01 Jan 2001 description

This document is a technical document on the Rapid Assessment of Mental Health Needs of Refugees, Displaced and Other Populations Affected by Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations and Available Resources (RAMH). The document includes the following chapters:

- RAMH terms of reference
- Preparedness: data collection team and care of the RAMH team itself
- Methodology
- Tool: rapid assessment of mental health needs and available resources

01 Jan 2001 description

These guidelines contain basic information on the biology and behaviour of the Desert Locust. The document is divided into the following sections:

- What are locusts?
- Locust phases
- The life cycle
- Migration and seasonal distributions
- Recessions, outbreaks, upsurges and plagues
- Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

These guidelines are intended mainly for use by field staff involved in locust survey and control operations, including pilots of survey and spray aircraft.

01 Jan 2001 description

This paper explores the potential for developing improved measures of the access component of household food security. Relevant conceptual and measurement issues are discussed, followed by a review of the U.S. approach and examples of efforts in developing countries. The potential portability and challenges of applying the U.S. approach to developing countries are also discussed.

01 Jan 2001 description

This selective bibliography lists papers, articles and books under different thematic headings with an emphasis on publications, which can be retrieved from medical or other libraries. It addresses the following issues:

- Human rights
- Death penalty
- Disappearances, refugees, psychiatry
- Torture and trauma

01 Jan 2001 description

This manual is intended to serve as an international guideline for the assessment of persons who allege torture and ill-treatment , for investigating cases of alleged torture, and for reporting findings to the judiciary or any other investigative body. It includes annexes with principles for the investigation and documentation of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, diagnostic tests, anatomical drawings for the documentation of torture and ill-treatment, and guidelines for the medical evaluation of torture and ill-treatment.

01 Jan 2001 description

This handbook provides a comprehensive source of information on the design and management of HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs in resource constrained settings. The document's chapters are grouped into seven sections:

- Design and Management of HIV/AIDS programs
- Reducing risks and vulneralbility to HIV infection
- Strengthening STD management and services
- Reducing risk of HIV infection to infants
- Reducing risk of parenteral transmission
- Management and support of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
- Prospects for the future

01 Jan 2001 description

This report examines the issue of counteracting the developmental impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. For this purpose, it provides chapters on the following main issues:

- A devastating and multifaceted impact
- Priorities for action: Mitigating the impact of AIDS
- National leadership and international support

The paper aims to show that AIDS is a development crisis, and that the most effective response is sustained, equitable development.

01 Jan 2001 description

This handbook has been developed to assist United Nations colleagues understand and appreciate the human rights system within the context of the United Nations Organization.
In particular, it seeks to assist new UN colleagues, and those working outside the human rights secretariat, in understanding the concept of human rights, the obligations of the Organization to promote and protect human rights, and how the UN discharges this obligation.

It handbook is divided into five parts, providing an overview of the following areas:

01 Jan 2001 description

Aiming to provide early and effective action with respect to the emergency reproductive health needs of refugees, the internally displaced and others affected by crises, this report discusses various issues relating to the reproductive health of these populations.

- Early action in extreme situations
- Safe motherhood and family planning
- Adolescent reproductive health
- Addressing sexual violence
- HIV/AIDS and STI prevention
- How UNFPA takes action
- Partnerships and funding

01 Jan 2001 description
report Small Arms Survey

This annual report provides a guide to all aspects of the problem of small arms and light weapons, focusing on both small arms themselves (production, transfers, stockpiles), and on the processes and impacts of their world-wide proliferation.

In addition, specific sections deal with issues such as arms brokering, the role of small arms and light weapons in particular conflict zones, current international initiatives and projects to stem their proliferation, and with broader social and economic effects (crime, public health, development).

01 Jan 2001 description

With children under the age of 18 serving in armed forces and armed groups around the world being more vulnerable to serious physical and psychological violence, this report offers an initial attempt to address the need to document and analyse the link between child soldiers and sexual exploitation.

For this purpose, the report examines global dimensions and trends in the sexual exploitation of child soldiers, revealing some of its basic patterns and suggesting root causes.  

01 Jan 2001 description

This report provides a comprehensive review of what is known about the current and future burden of mental disorders and the principal contributing factors.

It examines the scope of prevention and the availability of, and obstacles to, treatment.

01 Jan 2001 description
report People In Aid

This report describes the experience by a group of twelve aid agencies piloting the new People In Aid Code of Best Practice in the Management and Support of Aid Personnel from 1997 to 2000.

The report describes challenges faced in, for example, seeking to "embed" the Code in the organisation's thinking and practice, in extending its use, particularly to host country staff; in using the Code effectively within agency "federations"; etc. ritish Red Cross
 MAF Europe

01 Jan 2001 description

Seeking to enhance the effectiveness of sanctions while avoiding excessive suffering to civilian populations or the infliction of economic damage on third states, this manual provides guidelines for the creation and implementation of targeted financial sanctions. It offers two main parts:

- Designing UN Security Council resolutions on targeted financial sanctions
- Implementing targeted financial sanctions at the national level

01 Jan 2001 description

This handbook provides basic strategic assistance to guide field personnel in promoting the sustainable recovery of war-affected communities during transitions, including the reintegration of displaced persons.

The handbook was produced by the Executive Committee for Peace and Security, the Executive Committee for Humanitarian Affairs, and the UN Development Group, in order to improve the ability to constructively respond to reintegration efforts in conflict and post-conflict environments.