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01 Sep 1997 description
report UNAIDS

HIV can spread fast where there is poverty, powerlessness and social instability - conditions that are often at their most extreme during emergencies. In emergencies of war or civil strife, it is very likely that HIV/AIDS prevention and care services will be severely disrupted or break down altogether. People - no matter how well informed - will thus be left with little scope to protect themselves, and at a time when they are specially vulnerable.

01 Sep 1997 description

This Review aims to set out 'good practice' in the counting and identification of individuals requiring humanitarian assistance, dealing with the task of establishing the most appropriate means of determining how many people may be in need, and identifying who they are. It looks at the following:

- Basic principles
- Counting and Identification: why, by and for whom?
- Registration
- Identifying a beneficiary population: quantitative approximations
- Identifying a beneficiary population: a social, cultural, economic and political profile

01 Sep 1997 description

This paper examines the conditions under which WFP can better contribute to protecting poor women and children against lasting damage from early malnutrition. It will make recommendations on WFP's future policy and operational principles for supplementary feeding programmes, including measures required to increase these activities in the countries with the greatest needs. Recommendations will also be made for better meeting critical food needs during crisis and rehabilitation, bearing in mind the special circumstances involved.

01 Aug 1997 description

It has been generally assumed that anti-personnel landmines are an indispensable weapon of war, and that their indiscriminate effects can be moderated through compliance with military doctrine and the rules of international humanitarian law. This study examines the military case for continued use of these weapons in light of their employment in actual conflicts since 1940, whether by professional armed forces, by insurgents or in counter-insurgency operations.

01 Jul 1997 description

This handbook on resettlement aims to provide information on various aspects of concern. Among other factors, it considers:

- Refugee status and resettlement
- UNHCR criteria for determining resettlement as appropriate solution
- Basic procedures in field office resettlement operations
- Resettlement management in field offices
- Reporting
- Partnership and liaison
- Training on resettlement

01 Jun 1997 description
report BRIDGE

Do women experience war and its aftermath differently to men? Is it possible that conflict in Mozambique had a positive impact on gender relations? This study provides a gender perspective on employment, income generation and skills training in post-conflict Mozambique.

01 Jun 1997 description

This guide outlines procedures to assist UNHCR Field staff and operational partners in the design and implementation of systems for commodity distribution.

Rather than providing simple prescriptive recipes to be used in all situations, it offers a framework for making the right decision in each situation. For this purpose, it highlights important issues and offers techniques and ideas based on best current practice to be adapted to the particular circumstances of each operation.

01 May 1997 description

This document examines the rationale, implications and constraints of a multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS for technical cooperation programmes, focusing on GTZ-supported agricultural and rural development projects in Sub-Saharian Africa. For this purpose, it deals with the following main issues:
 - Personal safety and professional competence of project staff
 - Vulnerability of the project target group to HIV infection and AIDS impact
 - Linkage between HIV/AIDS and project objectives, strategies and activities

01 May 1997 description

This issue covers a wide range of humanitarian topics including, ActionAid's participatory emergency response in Ethiopia and the crop failure in Dalocha, the role of NGOs in social reconstruction in Post Yugoslav countries and offers information regarding the impact of armed conflict on children.

01 May 1997 description
report Rights & Democracy
This bibliography contains references on the question of women and conflict situations. It includes documents on the issue in general as well as documents on related aspects, including women as participants, women as victims and women in the peace processes.

It covers the period from 1990 to 1997 and includes monographs, reports, articles and conference reports published by NGOs or international organisations in English, French and Spanish.