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01 Sep 1993 description

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01 Jan 1993 description

This conference reports presents the results of a conference on providing appropriate and immediate technical support such as water supply, sanitation, shelter and access for refugees.

Addressing problems of poorly prepared and coordinated response and seeking to enable victims of future disasters to be helped more effectively, the conference sought to provide an opportunity for relief staff to learn from past mistakes and consider ways of improving their response.

01 Jan 1993 description

With problems of refugees raising not only humanitarian and human rights concerns but also fundamental issues of international peace and security, this report examines the challenge of protection amid the dynamics of changing political realities. For this purpose, it contains the following chapters:

- Challenge of protection
- Dynamics of displacement
- Asylum under threat
- Information as protection
- Protection in times of armed conflict
- Responding to refugee emergencies
- Going home: Voluntary repatriation
- Prevention

01 Jan 1993 description

The report of the OFDA FY1992 covers natural disasters as well as civil strifes occurred during the year. With its PMP (Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness) Division, OFDA especially carried out its programs and put most of its resources on hazard-prone regions, such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. The report tells readers how and for what kind of programs had the budget been used, and to what extent the programs had benefited.