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01 Dec 1992 description
This conference report offers information on how HIV/AIDS does or does not inform policies of key emergency actors and identifies policy gaps in relation to HIV/AIDS prevention and care for refugees and displaced people.

Giving recommendations for humanitarian agencies, the report is based on a one day seminar, "Silent Emergency: HIV/AIDS in Conflicts and Disasters", held in London in June 1999.
01 Dec 1992 description

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) seeks to improve and co-ordinate Member policies which will integrate development and environment imperatives. The Guidelines are designed to help policy makers and practitioners address serious national, regional and international environmental problems.

01 Nov 1992 description

This manual outlines the technical characteristics and functioning of components, structures or equipment that may form part of a refugee water supply system, to be of use to those involved in the provision of refugee assistance.

The manual aims to send a message to planners, decision makers and constructors to always use the highest possible standards, taking into account the political, social and funding circumstances of each project.

01 May 1992 description

Este documento, ha sido concebido como un instrumento didáctico básico de consulta, para educadores
de enseñanza primaria y enseñanza media. Compendio general sobre Desastres, recoge en términos
muy generales información sobre eventos como: Terremotos, vulcanismo. deslizamientos, huracanes,
inundaciones, sequías e incendios que podr ían causar verdaderos desastres. Este trabajo está dirigido a
educadores; porque el tema de los desastres naturales, está contenido en los programas de estudio
tanto de enseñanza media como de primaria.

01 Jan 1992 description

During FY 1991, OFDA responded to 65 disasters affecting more than 390 million people in 48 countries. At UN, member states including US created a new Department of Humanitarian Affairs to coordinate and speed up the process of UN agencies to humanitarian crises. OFDA is working closely with the new Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs to ensure that the world can increasingly rely on rapid, effective UN leadership in the disaster assistance field, including conflictive crises.

01 Jan 1992 description

This handbook offers guidance relating to procedures and criteria for determining refugee status, breaking down and explaining the various components of the definition of refugee set out in the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees.

Aiming primarily to be of use to government officials concerned with the determination of refugee status in the various Contracting States, it is also hoped that it will be of interest to all those concerned with refugee problems.

01 Jan 1992 description

This glossary over terms related to disaster management aims to meet the need for rapid and unequivocal communication among individuals, teams and involved institutions in actual disaster response activities, as well as in disaster mitigation by prevention and preparedness.

Providing terms in English, French and Spanish, the glossary is a result of a joint effort of a number of inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and national institutions.