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31 Dec 2002 description
Examining issues of gender in the context of conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, this report seeks to summarise key findings and identify remaining questions related to the effective integration of gender concerns into policies and programs that shape post-conflict societies. For this purpose, it looks at the following issues:

- Converging realities: Gender, conflict, and peacebuilding
- The changing international context since 1998
- Gender, human rights, and peacebuilding
- Key issues for transformative approaches

31 Dec 2002 description

This report provides a compendium of key lessons learned from work with gender based violence (GBV) programs in populations affected by armed conflict. In addition to offering recommended resource materials and a sample interagency procedure manual, its three main parts discuss:

Emerging Standards: Describes the evolution of GBV programs serving populations affected by armed conflict and the most common challenges to GBV prevention and response efforts in the field and at organizational policymaking levels.  

31 Dec 2002 description
report Small Arms Survey

This study examines the human cost of weapons use and abuse on humanitarian and development personnel, many members of which are responsible for the provision of protection and assistance to larger and vulnerable civilian communities all over the world.

In addition, it provides practical and policy-relevant recommendations for NGOs, UN agencies and governments, as well as an advocacy tool to ensure greater attention and action to the crisis of small arms use and abuse.

31 Dec 2002 description

This report provides an initial review of progress towards implementing the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects (PoA) from July 2001.

Drawing on data gathered for 156 countries and the analysis of relevant national, regional and international processes, the report describes examples of positive developments between 2001 and 2003 as well as recurrent problems encountered in the implementation of the PoA.

31 Dec 2002 description

This report looks at top priority issues that the United States needs to address in terms of its strategic approaches towards failed states, in order to enable them to successfully rebuild themselves following conflict. For this purpose, it looks at the following main issues:

- Challenge of failed states
- Commission on post-conflict reconstruction
- Framework for a cohesive and strategic international response
- Role of the United States
- Enhancing U.S. response capabilities
- Road ahead

31 Dec 2002 description

Seeking to help cut down the amount of illegally-held weaponry in circulation, this handbook contains a set of guidelines outlining best practice guides on the following topics:

 - National controls over manufacture of small arms and light weapons (SALW)
 - Marking, record-keeping and traceability of SALW
 - National procedures for stockpile management and security
 - National control of brokering activities
 - Definition and indicators of a surplus of SALW
 - National procedures for the destruction of SALW

31 Dec 2002 description

This manual on gender approaches aims to support and strengthen the capacity of UNDP staff working on recovery and rehabilitation activities in crisis and post-conflict situations to mainstream gender equality objectives. For this purpose, it looks at the following issues:

Key concepts and issues
- Gender analysis
- Gender policies
- Evolution of policy approaches towards women and development
- Myths about gender mainstreaming

Womens' rights are human rights
- Political participation as a basic human right
- Economic and social rights

31 Dec 2002 description

This booklet outlines some practical steps to help you be better prepared for an emergency and to let you know what to do if one occurs. The following sections are developped:

- Preparing for emergencies
- What to do if an emergency occurs
- How to cope emotionally
- First aid tips.

The document is intended for those who have never experienced a major emergency and wish to understand better which impact an emergency can have on them and their family.

31 Dec 2002 description

This paper seeks to characterize and assess the seriousness of non-traditional threats to global stability and national security, and understand how foreign and national security policies should be adapted to respond more effectively to emerging non-traditional

In particular, the report considers the following factors:

- Economic and social disparities
- Political and economic governance
- Demographic shifts
- Natural resources and environment health

31 Dec 2002 description

Esta guía es un documento técnico dirigido a personal sanitario que pueda tener participación en acciones de prevención, preparativos o respuesta a emergencias volcánicas. Esta guía, elaborado desde la perspectiva y la experiencia del continente americano, muestra los principales riesgos que las erupciones volcánicas tienen para la salud y las medidas básicas de planificación que el sector salud debe y puede tomar para reducir los posible daños. Está dividido en dos partes complementarias, pero claramente diferenciadas, que pueden usarse incluso de forma independiente.

31 Dec 2002 description

This Handbook is intended to help develop an understanding of what needs to be considered when dealing with agriculture in a refugee or returnee operation. In particular, it clarifies how to promote and maintain sound practices for displaced people in diverse situations, often working with a range of different agencies.
The Handbook presents options and approaches for crop production – exploring opportunities for minimising environmental impact and providing guidelines for developing locally appropriate initiatives.

It has been written with a focus on:

31 Dec 2002 description

Data compiled by the Global IDP Database (figures are only approximative estimates).
Map Originally Produced by Andras Bereznay and modified by the Global IDP Project.  December 2002

30 Dec 2002 description
report UN News Service

Shining the spotlight on the plight of women during African crises, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged that more attention be devoted towards saving these traditional caretakers as the continent currently battles the twin threat of famine and AIDS.

30 Dec 2002 description
report Munich Re

Munich Re's analysis of natural catastrophes in 2002: Economic losses increase distinctly to US$ 55bn (2001: 35bn) / Worst floods in Europe for centuries / Extraordinary accumulation of severe storms and flash floods / Winter Storm Jeanett one of the most expensive storms ever for the German insurance industry / Various weather extremes herald new El Niño / Mounting loss potentials call for adjustments of insurance prices and conditions

The year 2002 was a year of extremes: Scientists documented record figures for windstorms, rain and floods.

23 Dec 2002 description

This report by Susan F. Martin and Elizabeth Moller

19 Dec 2002 description
report Swiss Re

19 000 people world wide were killed by natural and man-made catastrophes in 2002, according to a preliminary estimate from Swiss Re's sigma report. Beyond the human cost, financial losses from major events are estimated at USD 40 billion, of which the insurance industry is liable for around USD 12 billion. After the extraordinary losses of 2001, financial losses resulting from catastrophes returned to more average levels in 2002. However, as the European floods show, large losses remain a real threat.