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31 Dec 2001 description

Aiming to build sustainable analytic capacity within operators that have a long-term commitment to Humitarian Mine Action (HMA), this manual aims to provide a comprehensive training tool for organisations wishing to improve their analytical capacity at the ground level.

The manual provides trainees with both theoretical guidelines and practical tools for conducting and using the findings of community studies, but is also useful for other components of HMA, as well as for humanitarian assistance and development projects more generally.

31 Dec 2001 description
report World Bank

Arguing for the importance of explaining the prevalence or amount of war at any time, this paper offers an empirical analysis of civil war prevalence. For this purpose, its provides information on the following:

- Economic models of civil war onset and duration
- Estimating models of civil war prevalence
- Empirical tests of hypotheses
- Policy implications and recommendations

31 Dec 2001 description

With military forces increasingly involved in humanitarian assistance and its effect on humanitarian space in terms of principle, policy and operational questions, this paper examines key issues concerning the roles of humanitarian actors and military forces. The following issues are discussed:

- The politics of peace operations
- The humanitarian perspective
- Towards a framework for civil-military relations

31 Dec 2001 description

This document offers a guide for understanding how media-related interventions can be used in a variety of conflict conditions and identifies opportunities to strengthen the media as an element of conflict reduction and peacebuilding.

Presenting a typology of interventions potentially appropriate to the media conditions that exist in those stages of conflict, the framework provides indicators for assessing those interventions, draws operational lessons from media-related programming and includes a matrix of exceptional examples of media peacebuilding initiatives.

31 Dec 2001 description

This paper seeks to conceptually under-pin the implementation of crisis- and conflict-related measures in the specific context of technical cooperation. For this purpose, it looks at the following issues:

- Peace-building, crisis prevention and conflict management
- Fundamentals
- Initial context and approaches to crisis prevention and conflict management
- Implementing crisis- and conflict-related measures

31 Dec 2001 description

Examining the role of development assistance in achieving peace and the directions such support should take, this paper looks at the following main issues:

- Concept of peacebuilding and legal frameworks
- Basic issues related to peacebuilding
- Proposals for future support of peacebuilding

The report aims to contribute to the debate on the importance of assistance, and especially "development assistance," directed at realising peace as a new means of supplementing efforts that are based on diplomatic and military approaches.

31 Dec 2001 description
This study focuses on peace promotion and youth promotion as two of the challenges faced in the field of development cooperation of central importance to the future orientation and sustainability of Technical Cooperation.

It examines the link between the two - crisis prevention, conflict management and peace promotion on the one hand, and how best to strengthen adolescents and young adults as the driving force behind social development on the other.
31 Dec 2001 description

This report provides an overview of the world situation on the basis of an analysis of 37 indicators, divided into 8 large groups: conduct in relation to the international community, arms embargoes, militarisation, human rights, development, humanitarian crises, conflict and peace building, and International Humanitarian Law.

The report seeks to provide description and analysis of what has happened in the world throughout the year, in order to provide greater knowledge of advances, set-backs and dynamics affecting the whole of humanity and affect the development of policies aimed at …

31 Dec 2001 description

Focusing primarily on post-conflict situations, this handbook for planners in the field aims to provide an easy reference guide to various methods that may be employed in the destruction of small arms and light weapons and their associated ammunition natures.

Seeking to enable Member States to ensure the disposal of weapons voluntarily surrendered by civilians or retrieved from former combatants, the guide addresses the destruction of the following:

- Small arms and light weapons
- Small arms ammunition
- Rockets, missiles, shells, mortars and grenades

31 Dec 2001 description

Presenting a methodology for conflict assessment at the country and regional level, this booklet aims to provide bilateral and multilateral agencies with a resource for:

- Analysing conflict
- Assessing conflict related risks associated with development or humanitarian assistance
- Developing options for more conflict sensitive policies and programmes

The methodology is based on the experience of the Department For International Development in conducting Strategic Conflict Assessments in seven countries.

31 Dec 2001 description
report Small Arms Survey

Assessing the transparency by states in small arms exports, this report examines regional and global export transparency mechanisms and evaluates their implementation and impact in mitigating dangerous aspects of small arms proliferation. Chapters look at:

- A transparent agenda for small arms
- The case for transparency
- Overview of regional and global transparency mechanisms
- Analysis of national export reports
- Transparent decision-making

31 Dec 2001 description

Emergency response personnel are unique in that they dedicate their time and energy in assisting persons during stressful times of their lives, for example, after disasters such as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. The repeated exposure does have a potentially deleterious effect on their psychological well-being, what can greatly affect the overall outcome of such situations, including the prognosis of the primary victims of the event.

28 Dec 2001 description
map DisasterRelief

Earth Watch keeps an eye on the many different disaster events happening around the world.

Click on the icons below for the full stories.

14 Dec 2001 description

Related link points to the interactive map of November 2001 evants - click to see further details.

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13 Dec 2001 description

GENEVA -- Governments from around the world on Thursday renewed their commitment to protecting refugees and reaffirmed the central role of the 1951 Refugee Convention as the cornerstone of that effort.