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31 Dec 2000 description

The Safe Water System Manual is designed to take people through the necessary steps to initiate the planning process, assemble a team, decide between various water treatment and storage options, and devise strategies for distribution, cost recovery, promotion, behaviour change, and monitoring and evaluation.

31 Dec 2000 description
report International Alert

This paper examines whether humanitarian assistance in war zones can support efforts to promote conflict prevention and peace-building. Its four main parts provide the following information:

- Overview of current debates on humanitarianism, conflict and peace-building
- Case studies of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Liberia
- Comprehensive analysis of key findings
- Main conclusions and recommendations in light of findings

31 Dec 2000 description

This document examines the effect of small arms on development, and highlights the importance of combating the uncontrolled spread and misuse of these weapons as a central development-policy concern. For this purpose, the following issues are discussed:

- Problem of small arms in developing countries
- Initiatives for combating the spread and misuse of small arms
- Recommendations for combating the problem of small arms

31 Dec 2000 description
This report attempts to draw operational lessons from the inter-relationship of gender equality issues and conflict and peacebuilding.
31 Dec 2000 description

With the underlying assumption that gender equality is an essential prerequisite for any sustainable development and peace-building activity, this paper offers an analytical framework and guidelines on gender mainstreaming in crisis prevention and conflict management. This is shown both on a conceptual and practical level.

31 Dec 2000 description

Proceedings of an Expert Group Meeting held 5-7 September, 2000, in Lisbon, Portugal

31 Dec 2000 description

Depression - Green
Tropical Storm - Yellow
Hurricane 1 - Red
Hurricane 2 - Light Red
Hurricane 3 - Magenta
Hurricane 4 - Light Magenta

07 Dec 2000 description

Total Appeal Target : US$ 643,790
Geneva, 7 December 2000

Dear Colleagues,

The Rapid Response Fund was once again quite active in 2000. During the year, 28 ACT Implementing Members were assisted in responding to urgent, small scale emergencies with financial assistance ranging from USD 10,000 to the maximum limit of USD 50,000. An interim financial report of income and expenditure for 2000 is attached to this appeal. For details of each payment please refer to the RRF Updates which were issued after each payment was made.

01 Dec 2000 description
report Carleton University

This report presents a framework to direct the future efforts of researchers working on the CIFP project to tailor it to the needs of foreign policy analysts and the early warning research community. It describes procedures to translate information from the internationally-recognized CIFP database, in combination with insights from foreign affairs personnel and field level specialists, into reports of imminent dangers.

01 Dec 2000 description

In August 1998, the International Council on Human Rights Policy began research into some of these questions, with the objective of understanding what forms of human rights assistance are effective. After initial consultation, we decided to focus on beneficiaries of human rights programmes - the government departments, judicial institutions and non-governmental organisations that receive the assistance. What do they believe are the problems? How do they think aid for human rights reform could be improved?

01 Dec 2000 description

Forced Migration Review provides a forum for the regular exchange of practical experience, information and ideas between researchers, refugees and internally displaced people, and those who work with them. It is published three times a year in English, Spanish and Arabic by the Refugee Studies Centre/University of Oxford in association with the Global IDP Project/Norwegian Refugee Council. The Spanish translation, Revista de Migraciones Forzadas, is produced by IDEI in Guatemala.


- Gender and forced migration: editorial, by Judy El-Bushra

01 Dec 2000 description

The American Society of International Law and The Brookings Institution Project on Internal Displacement published these annotations on the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement drawn from the Compilation and Analysis of Legal Norms (Parts I and II).

01 Dec 2000 description

Esta publicación hace eco de la obra titulada Administración sanitaria de emergencia con posterioridad a los desastres naturales (Publicación Científica No. 407) editada en 1981, pero es un libro totalmente nuevo, de organización reciente y con mucho material original. Esboza la función que desempeña el sector salud en la reducción del efecto de los desastres y describe la manera de realizar esa tarea.

01 Dec 2000 description

This inquiry examines the deaths of one UNHCR staff member, Mr Mensah Kpognon (Head of Field Office) and the abduction of another, Ms Laurence Djeya (on mission from SO Danané in Côte d'Ivoire) during a rebel attack on the town of Macenta in south-east Guinea on 17 September 2000.

Besides establishing the sequence of events, the report analyses key elements relating to the actions and responses of UNHCR, including the context in which events unfolded, the interpretation of events, the actions and decisions taken and the consequences of these.

01 Dec 2000 description

This inquiry examines the deaths of three UNHCR staff members, Mr Samson Aregahegn (Supply Officer), Mr Carlos Caceres-Collazo (Protection Officer), and Mr Pero Simundza (Telecommunications Operator), who were killed in Atambua, Indonesia during an attack on UNHCR's office on 6 September, 2000.

Besides establishing the sequence of events, the report analyses key elements relating to the actions and responses of UNHCR, including the context in which events unfolded, the interpretation of events, the actions and decisions taken and the consequences these.

01 Dec 2000 description

While basic guidelines on HIV prevention in emergencies have been available for several years, international agencies involved in the provision of health services have not placed sufficient priority on the prevention of the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in complex emergencies. This paper reviews the factors that may increase the risk of HIV transmission in populations affected by complex emergencies and outlines recommendations for research and programmes.