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01 Jul 1991 description

L'histoire du droit international humanitaire est brève mais riche en événements. Il a fallu attendre la seconde partie du XIXe siècle pour que les nations se mettent d'accord sur des règles internationales visant à éviter des souffrances inutiles en temps de guerre -règles qu'elles se sont engagées à observer dans le cadre d'une convention.

01 Jul 1991 description

La historia del derecho internacional humanitario es breve pero memorable. No fue sino hasta la segunda mitad del siglo XIX que las naciones convinieron en normas internacionales para evitar innecesarios sufrimientos en las guerras -normas que se comprometieron a respetar en una Convención.

Desde entonces, el carácter cambiante de los conflictos armados y el potencial destructivo de las armas modernas han hecho necesarias muchas revisiones y extensiones del derecho humanitario en negociaciones largas y pacientes.

01 Jul 1991 description

International humanitarian law has a brief but eventful history. It was not until the second half of the nineteenth century that nations agreed on international rules to avoid needless suffering in wars-rules they bound themselves to observe in a Convention.

Since then, the changing character of armed conflict and the destructive potential of modern weapons have made necessary many revisions and extensions of humanitarian law in long and patient negotiations.

01 Jan 1991 description

During FY 1990, OFDA responded to 53 disasters affecting more than 52 million people in 44 countries. Many of the disasters required a complex mix of financial and staff resources. For those disasters which required considerably less OFDA resources, usually those declaration which were limited to the US$25,000 Ambassador's Authority. During FY 1990, the U.S. spent about US$5 billion in total as disaster assistance.

01 Jan 1991 description

This report outlines the methodology of an evaluation tool for determining sectoral and overall effects of a disaster, to guide post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction processes. For this purpose, it discusses the following issues:

- Methodological and conceptual aspects
- Social sectors
- Infrastructure
- Economic sectors
- Global effects and damage

The tool is aimed at professional evaluating the socio-economic impact of disasters in situations where little reliable quantitative information is available.