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16 Oct 2018 description

At the end of his mission to assess the regional impact of Venezuelans leaving their country, Filippo Grandi commits to more cooperation with host governments.

By Marta Martinez from Quito, Ecuador | 16 October 2018

08 Oct 2018 description

Comité exécutif du Programme du Haut Commissaire
Soixante-neuvième session
Genève, 1er au 5 octobre 2018
Point 4 a) de l’ordre du jour provisoire Examen des rapports sur les travaux du Comité permanent Protection internationale

Note sur la protection internationale

**Rapport du Haut Commissaire


08 Oct 2018 description

Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme
Sixty-ninth session Geneva, 1 to 5 October 2018
Item 4 (a) of the provisional agenda
Consideration of reports on the work of the Standing Committee International Protection

Note on international protection

Report of the High Commissioner

05 Oct 2018 description








Spotlight on the recent disaster in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

05 Oct 2018 description

1 Los incendios forestales continúan en Bolivia, con un número superior a la media en Santa Cruz en septiembre.

2 Dos tormentas tropicales pasaron sobre el Caribe en septiembre, ocasionando daños mínimos.

3 Los Gobiernos Nacionales abordan los efectos de la sequía en centroamérica.

4 Un sismo de 6.2 sacudió el centro de Ecuador, afectando a más de mil personas.

5 Brote de paperas en Honduras hace que autoridades de salud declaren un estado de emergencia médica.

6 Inundaciones en todo México, en septiembre, afectan a más de 70,000 personas.

05 Oct 2018 description

Wildfires continue burning in Bolivia, with a higher 1 than average number in Santa Cruz for September.
Two tropical storms passed over the Caribbean 2 in September, leaving minimal damage.
National Governments begin addressing effects 3 of drought in Central America.
6.2 Earthquake rattles central Ecuador, 4 affecting more than a thousand people.
Mumps outbreak in Honduras triggers health 5 authorities to declare medical state of emergency.
Flooding throughout Mexico in September 6 affects more than 70,000 people.

03 Oct 2018 description


The Early Warning Early Action initiative has been developed with the understanding that disaster losses and emergency response costs can be drastically reduced by using early warning analysis to act before a crisis escalates into an emergency. Early actions strengthen the resilience of at-risk populations, mitigate the impact of disasters and help communities, governments and national and international humanitarian agencies to respond more effectively and efficiently.

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General

01 Oct 2018 description

As delivered

Madam Chair,

Distinguished Delegates,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am at the midpoint of my mandate.

I look back, and the state of the world does not look good.

In the last two and a half years, the principles and values of international cooperation have come under immense pressure.

Internal conflicts have escalated, fuelled by regional and global rivalries.

Crises have intensified, driven by poverty, exclusion and the growing impact of climate change.

28 Sep 2018 description


Establishes Mechanism to Collect Evidence of Crimes Committed in Myanmar, Extends Mandate of the Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar, Calls on Venezuela to Accept Humanitarian Assistance, and Requests a Comprehensive Report on the Human Rights Situation in Venezuela

27 Sep 2018 description
report UN General Assembly


26 Sep 2018 description
report UN General Assembly


Tackling a wide range of international concerns ranging from the long‑term consequences of colonialism and climate change to increasing inequality and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, nearly 40 Heads of State and Government recalled the lessons of history and spoke of challenges, initiatives and progress, as the General Assembly general debate entered its second day.

26 Sep 2018 description

UN Headquarters, New York, 26 September 2018

As delivered

Let me offer five points of summary from the discussion.

Firstly, CERF is the first and aspires to continue to be the fastest. It was the first contributor to the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of Congo in March/April this year. Just a few days after the massive influx of Rohingya to Cox’s Bazar from 25th August last year, CERF was one of the first to make an allocation. And CERF was one of the first to leverage funds for the hurricanes in the Caribbean last September.

25 Sep 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund

The Latin America and Caribbean region is increasingly impacted by natural disasters as well as population movements. In 2017, more than 15.6 million people - including 8 million children were affected by natural disasters. Hurricanes resulted in aggravating the humanitarian situation of more than 1.4 million people in Cuba, Haiti and the Eastern Caribbean islands. Mexico was severely hit by two major earthquakes in September 2017, while floods and landslides further exacerbated the needs of vulnerable children and their families in Colombia and Peru.

13 Sep 2018 description

GENEVA (13 September 2018) – Sanctions must not degenerate into blockades which expose innocent people to the ravages of economic war in peacetime without the protection of the Geneva Conventions aimed at safeguarding civilians in war time, says Idriss Jazairy, the UN Special Rapporteur on the effect of sanctions on human rights.

10 Sep 2018 description

Distinguished President,
Director-General of the UN Office in Geneva,
Colleagues and friends,

It is an honour to be called to this mandate, to assist States to uphold the human rights of their people, in this year in which we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

10 Sep 2018 description

Bogotá (sep. 10/18). Desde el pasado 7 de agosto, cuando asumió su cargo ante el Presidente Iván Duque, el Canciller Carlos Holmes Trujillo inició una maratónica agenda orientada a implementar la política exterior del nuevo Gobierno de Colombia y a fortalecer institucionalmente al Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.

10 Sep 2018 description

Panama/Geneva, 10 September 2018 – The largest movement of people across the Americas in recent years is causing growing humanitarian needs across the region, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said today.

According to the United Nations, around 2.3 million people are believed to be on the move. The situation is especially increasing in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and several countries in the Caribbean.