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17 Dec 2018 description


The 2017 hurricane season in the Caribbean was unprecedented. High-powered, high impact hurricanes, including Irma and Maria, left a path of destruction, infrastructure damage and casualties in more than a dozen territories in the region. Without forecasts and warnings, the tragic loss of life would have been even higher.

05 Dec 2018 description
report Germanwatch

Who suffers Most from Extreme Weather Events? Weather-related Loss Events in 2017 and 1998 to 2017

The Global Climate Risk Index 2019 analyses to what extent countries and regions have been affected by impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.). The most recent data available — for 2017 and from 1998 to 2017 — were taken into account.

The countries and territories affected most in 2017 were Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka as well as Dominica. For the period from 1998 to 2017 Puerto Rico, Honduras and Myanmar rank highest.

19 Nov 2018 description

Habitat passes 22 million people served in record-setting year providing affordable housing solutions around the world

The nonprofit’s 2018 annual report highlights impact in the U.S. and in more than 70 other countries

25 Sep 2018 description

Debarati Guha-Sapir, professor, Francesco Checchi, professor

Science must prevail

28 Aug 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 67,122 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2018 through 26 August, with 27,994 to Spain, the leading destination this year. This compares with 123,205 (172,362 for the entire year) arrivals across the region through the same period last year, and 272,612 at this point in 2016.

28 Jun 2018 description

Por Brigitte Leoni

CARTAGENA, 26 de junio de 2018 – Aunque pueden ser muy poco frecuentes en las Américas, los tsunamis sí ocurren, ya que la región es altamente propensa a los sismos. En los últimos 500 años, unos 12 terremotos de al menos 7,0 grados de magnitud se han producido en el Caribe, cerca de Puerto Rico, las Islas Vírgenes y La Española, los cuales han generado más de 75 tsunamis.

26 Jun 2018 description

By Brigitte Leoni

CARTAGENA, 26 June 2018 – Tsunamis may be rare in the Americas but they do happen as the region is highly seismic prone. A dozen earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have occurred in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Hispaniola in the past 500 years generating more than 75 tsunamis.

09 Apr 2018 description

El Comité de Huracanes de la Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM) se reunirá del 9 al 13 de abril para examinar la devastadora temporada de huracanes que afectó a la región del océano Atlántico en 2017, así como para deliberar acerca de la coordinación y la planificación operacional a escala regional con vistas a proteger las vidas y los bienes materiales durante la próxima temporada.

09 Apr 2018 description

In 2017, EM-DAT data indicates that 318 natural disasters occurred, affecting 122 countries. The impact of which resulted in 9,503 deaths, 96 million people affected, and US$314 billion in economic damages.

The human impact of natural disasters in 2017 was much lower than the last 10 year average, where events with extremely high mortality occurred, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti (225,570 deaths) and the 2008 Nargis Cyclone in Myanmar (138,400 deaths).

06 Apr 2018 description

The World Meteorological Organization’s Hurricane Committee meets from 9 to 13 April to review the devastating 2017 Atlantic hurricane season and to discuss regional coordination and operational planning to protect lives and property in the forthcoming one.

14 Mar 2018 description

Countries bordering the Caribbean will hold an exercise aiming to assess and update their tsunami preparedness.

Known as Caribe Wave 18, the exercise will test the early warning systems established for tsunami and other coastal hazards in the region since 2005 under the aegis of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. It will also allow for an assessment of warning systems put in place by regional actors in charge of managing emergencies the region.

13 Mar 2018 description

Los países ribereños del Caribe organizan el 15 de marzo un ejercicio de simulacro para evaluar y actualizar sus planes de respuesta ante tsunamis.

Bautizado Caribe Wave 18, el ejercicio pondrá a prueba el sistema de alerta rápida contra tsunamis y otros riesgos costeros, creado en 2005 bajo los auspicios de la Comisión Oceanográfica Intergubernamental de la UNESCO. El test permitirá también probar la eficacia de los dispositivos de alerta de los diferentes actores de la gestión de situaciones de urgencia en la región.

25 Feb 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

The world is facing some of the greatest humanitarian challenges of our time, and at Mercy Corps, we know that no single organization can tackle them alone. So we work across the public and private sectors to bring our unique expertise, innovations and solutions together to spark, scale and sustain change for communities in need around the world.

22 Feb 2018 description

GENEVA, 22 February, 2018 - Climate change means that coastal communities in the Caribbean need to be self-sufficient for up to three weeks and not just a couple of days if they are to cope with the fall-out from hurricane activity at the level of intensity experienced during the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, according to a weather expert.

06 Jan 2018 description

The ECDC Communicable Disease Threats Report (CDTR) is a weekly bulletin for epidemiologists and health professionals on active public health threats. This issue covers the period 31 December 2017-6 January 2018 and includes updates on hepatitis A, influenza, MERS, poliomyelitis and salomnellosis.