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17 Oct 2018 description

Based on the latest official data available as of September 2018, it is estimated that over 2.6 million Venezuelans live outside their country.

Over 186,800 asylum claims have been filed worldwide in 2018, surpassing the 2017-year end figure.
Peru has become the main country of asylum for Venezuelans.

IOM and UNHCR appointed Mr. Eduardo Stein as Joint Special Representative. Mr. Stein will be promoting a harmonized regional approach in coordination with governments and relevant actors.

11 Oct 2018 description


  • El vicepresidente de Estados Unidos, Michael R. Pence, anunció el aporte de más de $48 millones en fondos adicionales de parte del Gobierno de Estados Unidos para apoyar las actividades de asistencia humanitaria en respuesta a la crisis regional por la situación de Venezuela

  • Las organizaciones de salud confirman más casos de sarampión y difteria en Venezuela.

  • La ONU designa a un Representante Especial Conjunto para apoyar la respuesta a la crisis regional por la situación de Venezuela

10 Oct 2018 description


With over 2.6 million refugees and migrants outside Venezuela, Latin America is experiencing the biggest exodus in its history. The outflow of people keeps increasing, while national capacities are increasingly overstretched.

In this context, several Governments seek political solutions, international solidarity and a robust well-coordinated and comprehensive regional approach to steer the operational response in support of refugees and migrants from Venezuela.

09 Oct 2018 description

This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of some 4.89 million Swiss francs to enable the IFRC to support the Colombian Red Cross Society (CRCS) to deliver assistance and support to 120,000 people. This 16-month operation focuses on supporting migrants in the areas of health, water and sanitation, shelter, protection, livelihood and migration. This revised Emergency Appeal includes a scale up of the health intervention to address the basic health needs of migrants in ten departments in Colombia.

08 Oct 2018 description

Comité exécutif du Programme du Haut Commissaire
Soixante-neuvième session
Genève, 1er au 5 octobre 2018
Point 4 a) de l’ordre du jour provisoire Examen des rapports sur les travaux du Comité permanent Protection internationale

Note sur la protection internationale

**Rapport du Haut Commissaire


08 Oct 2018 description

Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme
Sixty-ninth session Geneva, 1 to 5 October 2018
Item 4 (a) of the provisional agenda
Consideration of reports on the work of the Standing Committee International Protection

Note on international protection

Report of the High Commissioner

01 Oct 2018 description


  • U.S. Vice President Michael R. Pence announces more than $48 million in additional U.S. Government (USG) funding to support Venezuela regional crisis humanitarian response activities

  • Health actors confirm additional measles and diphtheria cases in Venezuela

  • UN appoints a Joint Special Representative to support the Venezuela regional response


20 Sep 2018 description

In Numbers

703.9 mt of food assistance distributed

1,386,033 USD cash based transfers made

41.9 m six months (August 2018-January 2019) net funding requirements

156,302 people assisted in August 2018

Operational Updates

19 Sep 2018 description


 El embajador de Estados Unidos en el Perú, Krishna R. Urs, anuncia el aporte de $500 000 en fondos de USAID para respaldar las actividades sanitarias en el Perú en respuesta a la crisis regional por la situación de Venezuela

 Las organizaciones de salud registran más casos confirmados de sarampión y difteria en Venezuela, además de la propagación constante del sarampión a nivel regional

 Los gobiernos de acogida siguen revisando sus políticas de inmigración ante los movimientos poblacionales que se están produciendo

11 Sep 2018 description


  • U.S. Ambassador to Peru Krishna R.
    Urs announces $500,000 in USAID funding to support Venezuela regional crisis response health activities in Peru

  • Health actors record additional confirmed measles and diphtheria cases in Venezuela, as well as the continued regional spread of measles

  • Host governments continue to reevaluate immigration policies in light of ongoing population movements


07 Sep 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• The scale of needs resulting from the outflow of Venezuelans is rapidly surpassing the capacities of receiving and transit countries, further straining already vulnerable host communities. In many of the arriving areas there are pre-existing conditions of vulnerability and weak or lack of health, education and protection services.

31 Aug 2018 description
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Economic instability and civil unrest have led to the displacement of Venezuelans to neighbouring countries, with more than 50,000 currently living in Brazil. This profile provides an overview of conditions in Jardim Floresta site. Population figures reported are based on registration data provided by UNHCR. Additional information collected through key informant interviews (KIIs) with actors working on the site has been used to supplement findings.

Site overview

24 Aug 2018 description

In Numbers

334 mt of food assistance distributed

1,081,484 cash based transfers made

USD 42 m six months (August 2018-January 2019) net funding requirements, representing 27% of total

141,533 people assisted in July 2018

Operational Updates

16 Jul 2018 description

Fact Sheet
For Immediate Release
Monday, July 16, 2018
Office of Press Relations
Telephone: +1.202.712.4320 | Email: press@usaid.gov

29 Jun 2018 description


  • Although an upper middle-income country, Ecuador remains prone to natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, droughts and volcanic eruptions. Extreme weather events resulting from climate change exacerbate these disasters and adversely impact food security and water availability.

  • Ecuador also hosts a large number of refugees and asylum-seekers from Colombia, as well as Venezuelans seeking shelter from the ongoing political and economic crisis in Venezuela.

28 Jun 2018 description

By Kashif Nadeem
Kashif Nadeem, IOM Data Manager

IOM is at the forefront of efforts to collect data about displaced people, and has partnered with the Centre for Humanitarian Data to ensure this data is accessible to those who need it.