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14 Jan 2019 description

Melanie Teff and Daphne Panayotatos

Living under the government of President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelans face political repression, extreme shortages of food and medicine, lack of social services, and economic collapse. Three million of them – or about 10 percent of the population – have fled the country. The vast majority have sought refuge in the Americas, where host states are struggling with the unprecedented influx.

07 Jul 2009 description

Colombianos buscan refugio en Ecuador y Venezuela

El impacto del conflicto armado interno de Colombia en Ecuador y Venezuela está desestabilizando las regiones fronterizas, al mismo tiempo que miles de colombianos contin=FAan huyendo de su país en busca de refugio. Debido a la presencia creciente de guerrilleros colombianos y grupos paramilitares reorganizados dedicados al narcotráfico en las zonas fronterizas, los gobiernos receptores han militarizado estas regiones con fuerzas de seguridad a fin de combatir las repercusiones violentas.

07 Jul 2009 description


The impact of Colombia's internal armed conflict on Ecuador and Venezuela is destabilizing border regions while thousands of Colombians continue to flee their country in search of sanctuary. Because of the growing presence of Colombian guerrilla and reorganized paramilitary groups engaged in trafficking narcotics in border areas, host governments have militarized these regions with security forces to combat violent spillover.

06 Jul 2009 description

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Ecuador and Venezuela to assess the conditions of Colombian refugees. And in one interview after the other, the accounts were both disturbing and similar to those I've heard from internally displaced people in Colombia.

Over the last four years, I have traveled throughout Colombia to visit families and entire communities who have been forced to flee their homes and villages in order to save their lives. I've spent afternoons in neighborhoods made of stilt houses in Tumaco and Buenaventura on the Pacific coast, hearing of fear and despair.

16 Jul 2002 description

Larry Thompson, RI's Director of Advocacy, is presently on an assessment mission in South America.

09 Jul 2002 description

Larry Thompson, Refugees International's Director of Advocacy, will visit Venezuela and Colombia to assess the situation of Colombian refugees and displaced persons.