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15 Jan 2001 description

Deforestation escalated quake damage in El Salvador.

By Catherine Elton, Special to The Christian Science Monitor


Katia Calderon went out with her sisters Saturday morning to buy notebooks and pens for the first day of school, which was supposed to begin Tuesday. That simple act of preparation saved the girls' lives.

But their home on the outskirts of San Salvador was one of 300 houses buried in a landslide caused by a 7.6 magnitude quake centered in El Salvador and felt throughout Central America.

"My parents were in there.

02 Jun 2000 description

After torrential rains six months ago, enough mud covered Vargas state to build six Giza pyramids.

By Howard LaFranchi, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Eight-foot-high mud banks festoon Elio Marchesano's seaside barber shop like some kind of macabre garland. Here, he offers $3 haircuts to the few customers still around and laments how little is being done to resurrect this town nearly wiped out by last December's devastating rains and landslides.

04 Jan 2000 description

Phil Gunson, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

CARACAS, VENEZUELA - When it comes to finding a new home, flood survivor Leona Mantilla is clear about one thing: "I'm never going back to live in La Guaira," she says. "There's nothing there but a lot of rocks and many, many dead."

This Venezuelan grandmother was swept several miles downstream by a swollen river in last month's disaster.

22 Dec 1999 description

From fast food chains to the first lady, relief efforts are under way after floods leave up to 30,000 dead.

Howard LaFranchi, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

CARACAS - Before last week's devastating storms struck Venezuela, Helena Ibarra was better known as a caterer to the Caracas elite.

Today, her cooking school Cocido a Mano or "Cooked by Hand," is providing 1,500 meals a day to shelters for those left homeless by flooding and mudslides in and near the capital. The school is located in the San Bernardino neighborhood, one of the …

22 Dec 1999 description

As tragedy in Venezuela shows, humanity's development patterns can heighten the threat from extreme weather.

Peter Grier (grierp@csps.com) and James N. Thurman (thurmans@csps.com), Staff writers of The Christian Science Monitor

WASHINGTON - Some of the worst weather of the 20th century has occurred at its end.

This year, torrential rain and mudslides have devastated Venezuela. Last year, hurricane Mitch hit Honduras just as hard.

20 Dec 1999 description

Aftermath of Caribbean storm tests Chávez's regime

Some 180,000 people are homeless after last week's floods - Venezuela's worst natural disaster in 32 years.

Howard LaFranchi, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

CARACAS - Evelyn Oropeza's story of how her house was carried away by the extensive flooding that socked northern Venezuela last week is sadly familiar in a region that has been hit by inordinately heavy storms over the past two years.

Now camped out in a makeshift shelter with some 3,000 other newly homeless, Mrs.