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30 Dec 2018 description

Some 3.3 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 and the United Nations estimates another 2 million could follow in 2019

  • Tensions building as more Latin Americans flee homelands

  • UN predicts 2 million more Venezuelans to migrate in 2019

  • Appeal for global help as more countries impacted

By Anastasia Moloney

28 Dec 2018 description

We asked aid agencies to name their three priorities for 2019

by Emma Batha

LONDON, Dec 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Aid agencies are bracing for a challenging new year as they tackle protracted conflicts from Yemen to Central African Republic and get to grips with escalating crises such as the mass exodus of Venezuelans fleeing turmoil at home.

29 Nov 2018 description

by Anastasia Moloney

In the past four months, Colombian authorities have rescued at least 80 Venezuelan women and teenage girls trafficked into forced prostitution

BOGOTA, Nov 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Trapped and held captive in basements and bars across Colombia, growing numbers of Venezuelan women are falling prey to sex trafficking rings as mass migration from Venezuela to neighbouring Colombia shows no signs of abating, campaigners and prosecutors said.

25 Oct 2018 description

The ramshackle cluster of tents is home to about 200 Venezuelans, some of the millions who have fled the economic and political crisis in their homeland

By Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota

BOGOTA, Oct 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For the past two months, Joanna Teran, a penniless Venezuelan migrant, and her five children have survived in a makeshift tent on a patch of grass behind Bogota's main bus terminal.

05 Oct 2018 description

Venezuela's economic meltdown has triggered the biggest exodus of people in modern Latin American history.

By Anastasia Moloney

CUCUTA, Colombia, Oct 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Danielis Diaz stopped receiving HIV/AIDS drugs four months ago, she had a life or death choice - stay home and become another lifeless casualty of Venezuela's crumbling health system, or flee to Colombia.

30 Aug 2018 description

Desperate for jobs to send money back home to feed their hungry families, migrants make easy prey and are vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers

By Anastasia Moloney

BOGOTA, Aug 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Migrant women and children fleeing Venezuela's economic collapse are at heightened risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking on their journeys seeking refuge across South America, aid agencies said on Wednesday.

23 Jul 2018 description

Thousands of Venezuelans have fled to Trinidad in search of a better life, but the small nation is wary of the migrant influx

By Gregory Scruggs

PORT OF SPAIN, July 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Underneath a sign reading "Jesus was a refugee", a line of Venezuelan asylum seekers 30 people long stretches in front of a Catholic church in Trinidad's capital, Port of Spain.

18 Jun 2018 description

by Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota | Thomson Reuters Foundation
Monday, 18 June 2018 16:40 GMT

By Anastasia Moloney

CUCUTA, Colombia June 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Exhausted but relieved, Yariani Flores lay next to her healthy newborn son, along with four other Venezuelan women who just gave birth in a hospital in Colombia's border city of Cucuta.

13 Jun 2018 description

by Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota | Thomson Reuters Foundation
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 00:08 GMT

By Anastasia Moloney

BOGOTA, June 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A campaign by Colombia to eradicate child labour discovered nearly 5,000 children working in the past three months, including hundreds from economically stricken Venezuela, the government said on Tuesday.

11 Jun 2018 description

"If I don't do this, I and my children don't eat. It's that simple."

By Anastasia Moloney

CUCUTA, Colombia June 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hymns sung at evening mass float from an open church door across a busy square in Colombia's border city of Cucuta, as about 20 Venezuelan sex workers wait for clients.

Crouched on the steps of a statue and surrounded by grubby motels, fast-food restaurants and bars, Andrea and Carolina say they fled Venezuela to escape hunger.

03 May 2018 description

by Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota | Thomson Reuters Foundation

In Guyana, young women were found selling sex next to remote gold mines from which they could not escape

By Anastasia Moloney

BOGOTA, April 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hundreds of suspected victims of modern slavery were rescued in a major crackdown on human traffickers in 13 countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Interpol said on Monday.

21 Apr 2018 description

Venezuelans, fleeing economic and political crisis, have also sought refuge in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina and Peru

By Karla Mendes

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Brazilian authorities and aid groups are rushing to help tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees before the start of the rainy season in northern Roraima state this month, even as government leaders clash over a request to close the border.

12 Feb 2018 description

By Anastasia Moloney

BOGOTA, Jan 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Near the bus station in the Brazilian rainforest city of Boa Vista, groups of migrants from Venezuela stand holding signs saying "I'm looking for a job".

Across the border city, other migrants - both men and women - sleep in tents pitched in public squares and in a sports hall turned overcrowded shelter, while others beg in the streets and wash car windshields.