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28 Feb 2004 description

President Uribe's visit to Europe revealed his officials' scant agenda preparation and caused a series of problems seen as much in the absence of radical sectors represented in the European Parliament as in his unsuccessful meeting with Government President Silvio Berlusconi, not to mention the meager attention by the regional press. Nonetheless, the holding of the next Donors' Table in Colombia, the declaring of the ELN as a terrorist organization in Germany and the extension of the import duty reduction for 10 years, as well as financial assistance to demobilize paramilitary …

31 Jan 2004 description

(8/1) On the international plane, the announcement of a new migratory policy by President Bush as well as the initiation of indexing and recording visitors to the United States and North Americans in Brazil, forms the basis on which the responses of the Latin American countries to asylum and the protection of foreigners will be defined. It is not known whether the offer of three-year work visas, which could benefit 12 million immigrants, is part of the electoral campaign or is a genuine possibility.

06 Nov 2003 description

A recent document of the Working Group on US military aid made up of CIP and WOLA shows that 13,076 of the 34,013 soldiers trained around the world are from Latin American countries, mainly Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. The impact on democratic regimes and civilian-military relations, however, are the elements that guarantee the growth of the U.S. Economy: 2.6% in 2003 and 3.9% in 2004.

16 Aug 2003 description

El recorte de la asistencia militar norteamericana, por la no suscripción del convenio de impunidad para personal militar norteamericano, afecta a Colombia, Perú, Brasil, Bolivia, entre otros países de la región. Sin embargo, el Comité de Presupuesto del Senado aprobó US$697 millones para la Iniciativa Andina Antidrogas. (8/8) La visita del Secretario de Comercio Robert Zoellick para discutir el tema de tratado bilateral de comercio abrió un espacio alternativo al ALCA.

30 Jun 2003 description

(9/6) Annual meeting of the OAS General Assembly in Santiago, Chile, with 34 countries attending, in which the central theme was democratic governance in the region and the threats to it; human rights, corruption, drug trafficking and continental security were among those that stood out the most.

25 Apr 2003 description

(23/25 Abril) Visita de Secretario del Tesoro de EE.UU John Snow a Brasil, Ecuador y Colombia, con miras a reformular la agenda latinoamericana, luego de impase con México Chile y Brasil, por no apoyo en intervención en Irak. La Cumbre Bush-Uribe, no dio todos los resultados esperados, particularmente en el área comercial (acuerdo bilateral), ni en materia de Protección de Estatus Temporal para los colombianos ilegales en EE.UU.