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21 Jan 2019 description

According to official Colombian government figures, at the end of November 2018 there were more than one million Venezuelans in the country. Of these, 624,654 are in a regular situation, 189,264 are in the process of regularization and 218,098 are in an irregular situation. Refugees and migrants have increasingly urgent needs.

The Interagency Group of Mixed Migratory Flows (GIFMM) coordinates the response of the United Nations and NGOs, and supports the Government in responding to these needs.


21 Jan 2019 description
infographic iMMAP

El fenómeno migratorio venezolano es de reciente data, empezó hacia mediados del 2015, con la ruptura de la institucionalidad en el vecino país, y se intensificó hacia principios del 2017. De acuerdo a las cifras proveídas por distintas organizaciones internacionales y entidades nacionales en la región esta realidad impone nuevos desafíos para los hacedores de política pública en materia de salud, educación, nutrición y vivienda, entre otros.

21 Jan 2019 description

De acuerdo con las cifras oficiales del gobierno de Colombia, a final de noviembre de 2018 había en el país más de un millón de venezolanos. De estos, 624.654 están en situación regular, 189.264 están en proceso de regularización y 218.098 están en situación irregular. Los refugiados y migrantes tienen necesidades cada vez más urgentes.

El Grupo Interagencial de Flujos Migratorios Mixtos (GIFMM) coordina la respuesta de Naciones Unidas y las ONGs, y apoya al Gobierno en la respuesta a estas necesidades.


21 Jan 2019 description
infographic iMMAP

The Venezuelan migratory phenomenon is of recent date, it began towards the middle of 2015, with the rupture of the institutionality in the neighboring country, and intensified towards the beginning of 2017. This reality imposes new challenges for public policy makers in health, education, nutrition and housing areas, among others.

19 Jan 2019 description

Situation Summary

In 2018 there were 12 countries in the Americas that reported confirmed measles cases, of which two reported deaths (Brazil and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

As of epidemiological week (EW) 2 of 2019, 6 countries reported having confirmed cases between December 2018 and January 2019: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United States of America, and Venezuela.

The following is an update of the epidemiological situation in five of the countries in the Region.

19 Jan 2019 description

Somos Panas Colombia se lanzó el 20 de diciembre de 2017 y tiene como eje de acción una estrategia de contenidos para reducir las manifestaciones de xenofobia y promover la solidaridad de los colombianos hacía los venezolanos en Colombia. El planteamiento estratégico de la campaña es evidenciar que los venezolanos son PERSONAS que TUVIERON que salir de su país y AGRADECEN la acogida en Colombia.

18 Jan 2019 description

The campaign's strategic approach is to show that Venezuelans are PEOPLE who HAD to leave their country and, who are THANKFUL for being accepted in Colombia.

18 Jan 2019 description

An art project helps female asylum seekers from El Salvador and Honduras become more aware of their rights and discover a new family in Mexico.

By Marta Martinez in Tapachula, Mexico

A new mural decorates the streets of Tapachula, the busiest town on the Mexican side of the border with Guatemala. In vivid earthy tones, it depicts a woman holding a baby in her arms, sprinkled with the names of the two dozen women from north Central America who painted it and profound words capturing their aspirations: love, trust, freedom, safety.

18 Jan 2019 description

By Fabio Teixeira

Lack of documentation leads to poor access to healthcare and other services in Brazil, while children traveling without parents are at a greater risk of human trafficking

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fleeing poverty and hunger, at least 1,000 Venezuelan children arrived at Brazil's main entry point unaccompanied by parents or without proper documents in the last five months, according to a report obtained by Thomson Reuters Foundation on Tuesday.

18 Jan 2019 description

À la fin du mois de décembre 2018, 21 Plans de réponse humanitaire (HRP) et le Plan régional de réponse pour la Syrie (3RP) nécessitaient 24,93 milliards de dollars pour assister 97,9 millions de personnes ayant un besoin urgent d’assistance humanitaire. Les financements requis restaient identiques à ceux enregistrés à fin du mois de novembre 2018. Les plans sont financés à hauteur de 14,58 milliards de dollars, comblant 58,5% des besoins financiers pour 2018.

18 Jan 2019 description
report IRIN

More than three million Venezuelans have left the country – the majority since 2015, according to the UN. They are fleeing an economic collapse that has triggered severe food and medicine shortages. Patiño’s organisation, Mi Convive, is among a handful of local NGOs in Venezuela that have stepped into the breach.

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17 Jan 2019 description

Bruxelles, le 16 janvier 2019

Alors que le nombre de personnes frappées par des crises humanitaires dans le monde ne cesse de grossir, l'UE a adopté pour 2019 un budget initial annuel pour l'aide humanitaire sans précédent, d'un montant de 1,6 milliard d'euros.

Entre conflits régionaux de longue durée au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique et incidence grandissante du changement climatique sur la planète, les crises humanitaires s'aggravent, tandis que les combats compromettent le bon acheminement de l'aide aux plus nécessiteux.

16 Jan 2019 description

The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) report on food security and agriculture is produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It provides a quarterly forward-looking analysis of major disaster risks to food security and agriculture, specifically highlighting: