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23 Dec 1999 description
report InterAction

Press Contact: Shanta Bryant, 202-667-8227 x115
NGO Contacts: James Bishop, Director of Humanitarian Response, 202-667-8227, x104
Tony Stitt, Senior Program Associate, x106

23 Dec 1999 description

Washington, DC (OPS), 23 de diciembre de 1999 -- La Organización Panamericana de la Salud contin=FAa respondiendo a la situación de emergencia que enfrenta Venezuela después de uno de los más graves desastres naturales de los =FAltimos cincuenta años.

23 Dec 1999 description

Para evaluar necesidades y preparar préstamo de emergencia

23 Dec 1999 description
report Concern Worldwide

Concern announced on December 23, that it is commiting $250,000 to the relief of people affected by the floods in Venezuela. Two people from Concern's Emergency Response Unit will be on the ground in Venezuela immediately after Christmas. The Concern team will be working in partnership with Mercy Corp International, and an agency based in the United States.

23 Dec 1999 description

At a special meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) Permanent Council today, Permanent Representatives of OAS member states expressed their solidarity with Venezuelans and passed a resolution urging the OAS Secretary General to "continue contributing to the rescue and reconstruction efforts underway in the affected areas".

22 Dec 1999 description
report World Vision

By now, the catastrophic scale of the Venezuela emergency is well-known to anyone who's seen the recent barrage of news reports confirming it as Latin America's worst natural disaster of the twentieth century.

22 Dec 1999 description

Team will evaluate needs and prepare emergency loan

22 Dec 1999 description
report Oxfam

For immediate release - 22 December
Oxfam today announced that it is sending a three-person team, including an engineer and health officer, to Venezuela to help organise clean water for the hundreds of thousands of people displaced in this week's floods and mudslides.

"A priority now is to get clean water to the survivors," said Oxfam Emergency Director Paul Smith-Lomas.

22 Dec 1999 description
report Government of Italy

Following the devastating and tragic disaster that has hit Venezuela over the past few days, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lamberto Dini, has earmarked a further nine billion liras (added to the billion liras already allocated a few days ago) to go towards assistance and relief work for the victims of the flooding.

These funds - which will be delivered via the International Organisations - will go partly towards funding humanitarian projects carried out by Italian NGO's.

22 Dec 1999 description
report Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry airlifted an emergency shipment worth $285,000 of medicine, food and clothing to the victims of flooding, landslides and mudslides in Venezuela. Additional relief -- primarily cash to purchase food and temporary shelter locally -- will be provided as local partners are identified and screened.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reported in a television broadcast Monday night that the disaster destroyed 23,000 homes and left 140,000 homeless.

22 Dec 1999 description
report DisasterRelief

Stephanie Kriner, Staff Writer, DisasterRelief.org
VALENCIA, Venezuela -- A light drizzle began as a cargo plane filled with relief supplies arrived in this quiet airport just before sunrise. Closed to commercial flights since the torrential rains that spawned Venezuela's worst disaster in 100 years, the Valencia airport, located 50 miles from Caracas, has become a depot for relief supplies and flood evacuees.

22 Dec 1999 description
report MAP International

Brunswick, GA December 22, - Responding to massive flooding which has taken the lives of an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 people, and left tens of thousands homeless, MAP International, a Brunswick, Georgia, based Christian relief and development agency is preparing two (2) New Emergency Health Kits (NEHK) for delivery into flood stricken Venezuela.

22 Dec 1999 description

Ottawa -- Canada's International Cooperation Minister, Maria Minna, today announced an additional $100,000 in humanitarian assistance to help flood victims in Venezuela. This brings Canada's total commitment to $275,000. The funding will be channelled through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

"Canadians are deeply concerned by the situation of Venezuelan families that have lost loved ones in these floods," said Minister Minna.

22 Dec 1999 description

By Paul Hughes

LA GUAIRA, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan troops on Wednesday plowed through head-high mud and rubble so rescue teams could dig for up to 30,000 bodies in a coastal area devastated by one of Latin America's worst mudslides.

Paratroopers patrolled ghost towns in the Caribbean state of Vargas, pinning down looters ransacking homes of people evacuated after torrential rains last week sent torrents of debris crashing down from the Avila mountain range.

With perhaps 30,000 dead, according to the Civil Defense, 23,000 homes destroyed and some 140,000 people …

22 Dec 1999 description
report International Aid

SPRING LAKE, Michigan - International Aid is responding quickly and compassionately to the victims of the unprecedented flooding in Venezuela.