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09 Sep 2019 description
report UN Women

Before 8 a.m., under a scorching equatorial sun, dozens of Venezuelan migrant and refugee women had lined up in front of the Consolata Church in Boa Vista, the capital city of Roraima, a northern Brazilian state that borders Venezuela.

09 Sep 2019 description

Human Rights Council, 42nd Session
Statement by Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


9 September 2019

Mr. President,
Members of the Human Rights Council;

09 Sep 2019 description

42ª sesión del Consejo de Derechos Humanos Michelle Bachelet, Alta Comisionada de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos Humanos

Ginebra, 9 de septiembre de 2019

Señor Presidente, Miembros del Consejo de Derechos Humanos, Excelencias;

09 Sep 2019 description

The Global Humanitarian Overview published on 4 December announced funding requirements of $21.9 billion for 21 Humanitarian Response Plans (HRP) and the Venezuela Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan. By the end of August, requirements had reached $26.57 billion. The change in requirements since last month is mainly due to an increase in requirements for Mali and Zimbabwe, and the publication of the HRP for Venezuela.

09 Sep 2019 description
report Save the Children

The deteriorating economic and political conditions in Venezuela have caused a huge humanitarian crisis that has not received as much attention and concern as it really should. Four million Venezuelans have already left their country in the last [5] years (and that number is expected to reach 5 million by the end of year), these figures are closely comparable to the number of refugees that fled Syria during the country’s 8-year violent civil war.

07 Sep 2019 description

Geneva - The number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela has now reached 4.3 million and is growing by the day. As of today, there is no end in sight to this massive population movement, which includes an increasing number of people with vulnerabilities, many of them in need of international protection, as well as a large group seeking access to basic services and employment opportunities.

06 Sep 2019 description

• Due to the implementation of new migratory requirements in Peru, peaks of entries and exits of Venezuelans were observed from 11th to 16th June; reaching 8,100 entries registered on 14th June at the northern border and more than 6,300 exits registered at the Huaquillas border.

• During this period, GTRM members activated contingency actions to respond to the emergency.

• Starting from 15th June, the daily average (approx. 2,700) of entries remained steady.

• 141,878 people assisted in total

• 99,606 people received humanitarian assistance.

05 Sep 2019 description
report ACT Alliance

An unprecedented number of fires have raged throughout Brazil in 2019, intensifying in August. There have been more than 80,000 fires so far this year, the most ever recorded by the country’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE). It’s a nearly 80 percent jump compared to the number of fires the country experienced over the same time period in 2018. More than half of those fires are taking place in the Amazon. Environmentalists have been raising the alarm about deforestation since the country’s current president Jair Bolsonaro was elected in 2018.

05 Sep 2019 description
report Inter Press Service

Por Bram Ebus

PACARAIMA/SANTA ELENA DE UAIRÉN, Brasil/Venezuela, 5 sep 2019 (IPS) - La frontera de 2.199 kilómetros entre Venezuela y Brasil, un área de selva y matorrales escasamente poblada, se ha transformado por la crisis política y económica que devasta a Venezuela, en una región marcada por la delincuencia transnacional, el desplazamiento y la violencia.

05 Sep 2019 description
report UN News Service

Le chef de l’humanitaire des Nations Unies, Mark Lowcock, a débloqué jeudi 75 millions de dollars du Fonds central d'intervention d'urgence (CERF) pour appuyer les interventions en réponse à huit situations d'urgence sous-financées.

Les pays couverts sont l’Afghanistan, le Bangladesh, le Burkina Faso, le Cameroun, l’Érythrée, le Mali, le Soudan, le Venezuela et la région voisine. En prenant en compte les 125 millions de dollars débloqués en avril, le CERF a alloué 200 millions de dollars cette année à des crises sous-financées.

05 Sep 2019 description

Bram Ebus

The 2,199-kilometres frontier between Venezuela and Brazil – a sparsely populated stretch of jungle and bush – has been transformed by the political and economic crisis wracking Venezuela into a region scarred by transnational crime, displacement and violence. The potential for bloodshed became real in late February 2019, when a confrontation between a convoy of Venezuelan National Guardsmen and a small group of residents in the town of Kumarakapay set off a deadly series of events that shook the whole region.

05 Sep 2019 description

(New York, 5 September 2019): Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock released today US$75 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to support responses to eight underfunded emergencies. The countries covered are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Eritrea, Mali, Sudan, and Venezuela and the neighbouring region. With $125 million released in April, the CERF has now allocated $200 million through its Underfunded Emergencies Window this year – the most in its history.

05 Sep 2019 description

Deputy Secretary John Sullivan and United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green announced September 4 in Cúcuta, Colombia more than $120 million in additional U.S. humanitarian assistance to address the largest external displacement of persons in the Hemisphere's history. Also present were Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and members of interim President Guaidó's coalition. Maduro's rampant corruption, brutal repression, and vast social and economic mismanagement have forced more than 4.3 million Venezuelans to flee.

05 Sep 2019 description

Weakened by hunger, hundreds of Venezuelan refugees and migrants cross the high Andes each day in search of safety in Colombia and beyond.

By Jenny Barchfield, in Berlín, Colombia | 05 September 2019

With his long sleeve shirt, cosy sweatpants and knockoff Crocs worn over hole-riddled socks, Víctor Sivira was better prepared than many of his compatriots for the frigid temperatures in Berlín, the highest, coldest, and most treacherous point in the daunting journey to find safety.

05 Sep 2019 description


  • USG announces $120.2 million in additional humanitarian funding for the Venezuela regional crisis response

  • UN records approximately 4.3 million Venezuelans outside of Venezuela as of early August

  • UN releases HRP requesting $223 million to meet humanitarian needs inside of Venezuela through December

  • Several countries across LAC institute new visa requirements for Venezuelans


04 Sep 2019 description

Santo Domingo - Más de un centenar de refugiados y migrantes de Venezuela fueron asistidos hasta ahora de manera gratuita en el Municipio de Santiago de los Caballeros con servicios de medicina general, pediatría y ginecología, en una jornada de atención médica que tuvo lugar a lo largo de agosto y se repetirá durante septiembre.