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Humanitarian Situation

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  • More than 2,4 million people were reached with humanitarian assistance between July and December as part of the 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan.
  • Fuel shortages affected humanitarian access and the delivery of assistance in border and remote areas.
  • In December, OCHA launched the Global Humanitarian Overview 2020. For the first time Venezuela was included, mentioning needs inside and outside of the country.
  • In 2019, US$75.9 million was received for humanitarian activities included in the Humanitarian Response Plan (34 percent of required funds).
More than 60,000 vulnerable people accessed safe water during the month of December 2019. Caracas, Venezuela. UNICEF.

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Venezuela: COVID-19 Flash Update Nº 4 (22 May 2020)

KEY MESSAGES As of 21 May, the Venezuelan authorities confirmed 882 COVID-19 cases in 25 territories. This number includes 10 deaths as well as 262 people who have recovered. The most affected states...

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Key Figures

  • People in Need

    7,000,000 No change since 14 Aug 2019

    Source: OCHA
  • People Targeted for Assistance

    3,500,000 35% increase since 14 Aug 2019

    Source: OCHA
  • Children in Need

    3,200,000 No change since 20 Aug 2019

    Source: UNICEF
  • Venezuelans in Latin America and the Caribbean

    4,100,000 2% increase since 7 Feb 2020

    Source: R4V
  • Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants in Brazil

    253,500 13% increase since 6 Dec 2019

    Source: R4V
  • Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants in Colombia

    1,800,000 13% increase since 7 Feb 2020

    Source: R4V

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