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19 Sep 2017 description

This bulletin is being issued for information only; it reflects the current situation and details available at this time. Information bulletins no.1, 2, 3 and 4 are available here. This will be the last information update specifically related to Hurricane Irma.

The Situation

15 Sep 2017 description


• Islands that suffered extensive damage to infrastructure continue to have challenges restoring access to electricity and clean water

• As some people continue to be in shelters one week after the passage of Hurricane Irma, continued access to clean water and good sanitary conditions is critical

• In Cuba, 13 of the 15 provinces were affected by the hurricane with 14 municipalities have been identified as heavily affected and 6 municipalities as in critical condition. Two hospitals in Havana were evacuated.

14 Sep 2017 description

Omar-Dario Cardona (1), Gabriel A. Bernal (2), Claudia P. Villegas (3)

12 Sep 2017 description
report ShelterBox


After storming through the Caribbean and leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, Hurricane Irma has finally relented.

Since last Tuesday, Hurricane Irma has wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, flattening homes on St Martin, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Florida was the last to see the wrath of this ferocious storm.

A highly-trained ShelterBox Response Team has been deployed to understand how we can help the families who have lost everything.

12 Sep 2017 description

This map illustrates the tropical cyclone IRMA-17 path with low, medium and strong wind impact zones observed at 11 September 2017. The tropical cyclone path and wind speed zones were derived from Joint Research Centre data (Warning 49 issued the 11 th September 2017 at 09:00 UTC). As well, the surface wind data and categories (associated damage) according to Saffir-Simpson Scale were derived from NOAAHWRF (11 September 2017 at 06:00 UTC). This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR-UNOSAT.

12 Sep 2017 description

Washington, D.C. -  La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) expresa su más profunda solidaridad con las personas afectadas por los recientes desastres naturales que vienen impactando varios países de la región en los últimos días.

12 Sep 2017 description

Washington, D.C.—The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expresses its deepest solidarity with the people affected by the recent natural disasters that have hit several countries in the region in recent days. The IACHR calls on the States, the international community, international agencies, and all relevant actors to join in efforts to help those affected. It reiterates the importance of upholding international human rights obligations in all circumstances during the emergency and adopting measures to respond to the impacts of climate change.

11 Sep 2017 description

This bulletin is being issued for information only; it reflects the current situation and details available at this time. Information bulletins no.1, 2 and 3 are available here.

The Situation

11 Sep 2017 description
  • Hurricane IRMA continued moving west-northwest reaching the northern coast of Cuba on 9 September morning (UTC) as a Category 5 Hurricane. It passed over Florida Keys on 10 September afternoon (UTC) as a Category 4 Hurricane, over Marco Island and Naples (Florida) in the evening as a Category 3 Hurricane. Then it continued heading north-west moving inland crossing central northern Florida counties weakening.

09 Sep 2017 description
  • Hurricane IRMA has passed Turks and Caicos, north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti on 8 September. It is currently affecting the northern part of Cuba with strong winds and heavy rain. In some areas power cuts have been reported as well as increasingly difficulties in communication.

  • IRMA will move on towards the Bahamas and expected to make landfall in Florida on Sunday 10 September. It has strengthened again to a category 5 hurricane with maximum wind speed of 296 km/h. Up to six million people were asked to evacuate from Florida as well as parts of Georgia.

09 Sep 2017 description

International Medical Corps is prepared to deploy disaster response experts to provide lifesaving assistance as Hurricane Irma makes its way across the northern Caribbean and barrels toward southern Florida. Teams have already been established and stand ready to assess needs and provide lifesaving relief in the aftermath of the storm.

08 Sep 2017 description

Crisis overview

Hurricane Irma made landfall on northeast Caribbean islands during the early hours local time of 6 September, affecting Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, St Barthélemy, St. Martin, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The hurricane is passing over Turks and Caicos, southern Bahamas, northern Dominican Republic and northern Haiti on 8 September.


07 Sep 2017 description
  • Hurricane IRMA continued moving west-northwest as a category 5 hurricane, reaching on 6 September the northern Leeward Islands, Barbuda and Saint Martin, British and US Virgin Islands. Heavy rain, very strong winds and storm surge affected these areas. A storm surge of 2.5 m was measured in Barbuda. On 7 September at 3.00 UTC, its centre was located approx. 135 km north-northwest of San Juan city (Puerto Rico, USA) with max. sustained winds of 295 km/h.