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21 Apr 2018 description

Latest from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), based on information received as of 19:30, 20 April 2018 This report is for the media and the general public.

20 Apr 2018 description
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(New York, 20 April) – The Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, Mr. Neal Walker, today briefed Member States and International Organizations on the dire humanitarian situation faced by 4.4 million conflict-affected people in eastern Ukraine. After four years of conflict, 3.4 million people in Ukraine are struggling to cope with the impact of the humanitarian crisis and urgently require humanitarian assistance and protection.

19 Apr 2018 description

Despite the ‘Spring’ and ‘Easter’ ceasefires which began on 5 and 30 March respectively, clashes continued along both sides of the ‘contact line’ with severe impact on civilians. In March, shelling, mines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) killed 5 civilians and injured 13. Key infrastructure, such as water and electricity facilities continued to be regularly affected by shelling and harsh weather conditions. On several occasions, over 400 000 people were left without water, electricity and heat for over 24 hours, due to the harsh weather conditions.

18 Apr 2018 description
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Protection Concerns
- Security situation: In March 2018, OHCHR recorded 18 conflict-related civilian casualties: 5 people killed and 13 injured; 15 of the civilian casualties are caused by ERW and mine-related incidents.
- Freedom of movement: On March 23, one civilian reportedly died due to a heart attack while crossing the contact line on the NGCA side of Hnutove checkpoint. On March 27, a 60 year old man suffered a heart attack while crossing the checkpoint in Marinka.

13 Apr 2018 description


Crossing the ‘contact line’ in eastern Ukraine continues to force millions of Ukrainians to endure dire conditions, long waiting hours and constant insecurity from shelling and mine contamination. Of particular concern is the lack of adequate facilities, such as heating/resting points, transportation, medical units and latrines in the “no man’s land” - a 2-km stretch between the EECPs of Government controlled areas (GCA) and Non-Government controlled areas (NGCA).

11 Apr 2018 description


  • Heavy snowfall and hostilities stop operations of critical infrastructure

  • Landmines, UXOs and ERW – second biggest cause of casualties in 2017

  • Europe focuses on the plight of 4.4 million people affected in eastern Ukraine

  • 2017 HRP: 1.1 million vulnerable men, women and children reached with vital assistance and protection

  • Funding for the 2018 HRP is urgently required to sustain life-saving operations for 2.3 million Ukrainians