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20 Dec 2018 description

Tensions with Russia, criminal networks and far-right extremists raise the risk of violence

By: Jonas Claes; Artem Miroshnichenko

12 Aug 2017 description


Violent conflict upends and polarizes societies, disrupting social structures and gender roles.
Projects and policies intended to assist communities that are fragile or affected by violence are more successful if they consider conflict’s different effects on men, women, boys, and girls.
Approaches to conflict resolution that account for gender issues and include a broader array of society reduce gender-based violence, enhance gender equality, defuse conflict, and lead to more sustainable peace.


02 Mar 2016 description

Statistics, Global Luminaries Highlight the Patterns

By Kathleen Kuehnast and Danielle Robertson

24 Nov 2015 description

When 5,000 people flooded into a city of 500,000 in one night with little more than the pajamas on their backs, they were greeted by the mayor and an assemblage of churches and civic groups ready to embrace them with shelter, food, clothing and moral support. The scene might sound like something from Europe’s west, where refugees are flooding in from the Middle East and Africa. But this is Ukraine in the midst of a war and an economic crisis, and two years into upheaval, the strain is beginning to show.

21 Oct 2015 description

With Europe awash in more than a half-million refugees from Middle Eastern and other wars, it might be easy to overlook Ukraine’s response to its own population—nearly three times the size, at 1.5 million—displaced by the Russian-backed war in the east.

09 Dec 2014 description

The victory for pro-Western parties in Ukraine’s recent parliamentary election offers a historic chance for Ukraine to break out of the cycle of poor governance and corruption that has plagued it since independence – and made it vulnerable to Russian aggression. Perhaps the most encouraging result of the balloting is that dedicated young reformers, such as a group I met in Kirovograd in south-central Ukraine, will insist on institutional reform and rapid progress and give the upcoming parliament a very different tone.