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18 Oct 2017 description

POKROVSK, Ukraine - Everybody was busy on Oct. 15 at Pokrovsk orphanage, getting ready for the grand re-opening of its main building, renovated by the UN Development Programme thanks to funding from the government of Japan.

The older children helped teachers carry furniture to the newly repaired rooms, while the younger ones helped with washing and painting.

10 Oct 2017 description

10 October 2017, Toretsk, Donetsk Oblast – The United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine (UNDP) and the government of Japan have repaired a building to house an outpatient clinic that is to serve the population of the frontline town of Toretsk in Donetsk Oblast.

28 Sep 2017 description

27 September 2017, Kramatorsk – United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine (UNDP) and the government of Japan have renovated the water supply system of Kramatorsk City Hospital No. 1, which provides healthcare services to over 100,000 local people and IDPs in Donetsk Oblast.

27 Sep 2017 description

26 September 2017, Mariupol – More than half a million people – local residents and IDPs – stand to benefit from the services of a newly repaired Blood Transfusion Station in Mariupol.

The station, which was repaired by the UN Development Programme in Ukraine (UNDP) with financial support from the government of Japan, is a key medical facility covering the entire southern part of Donetsk Oblast.

13 Sep 2017 description

In July and August, UNDP in Ukraine and UN Volunteers in Ukraine, in partnership with a local NGO in Donetsk region, organised a series of quests themed around Sustainable Development Goals.

Around 800 children and youth aged 9 to 17 staying in the summer camps located in Sviatohirsk, Donetsk oblast, participated in the quests aimed to introduce them to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourage them to engage in positive changes in their communities.

17 Aug 2017 description

16 August 2017, Severodonetsk – A motor road overpass, repaired by the UN Development Programme in Ukraine (UNDP) with financial support from the government of Japan, is an important transport and logistical artery connecting the three largest cities in the government-controlled part of Luhansk Oblast, in particular towns of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, and Rubizhne.

08 Aug 2017 description

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in the eastern Ukraine and the events in Crimea more than three years ago, large-scale population movements were observed in the country. The UN office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reports over 2 million displaced, including 1,2 million internally displaced persons. Estimates indicate that about 70% of the internally displaced people are women.

29 Jul 2017 description

July 28, 2017, Kyiv – Officials from local and central government, development experts, education professionals and representatives from UN agencies gathered on July 28 at the Luhansk Regional Development Strategy Forum in Kyiv to chart a new course of development for Luhansk Oblast, using best international practice and expertise.

An updated strategy for the economic and social development of Luhansk Oblast until 2020 was presented at the forum. The event was organized by the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine.

29 Jul 2017 description

Kramatorsk, 27 July – UNDP Ukraine, in partnership with UN Volunteers, hosted a yoga class for 40 people with disabilities and special needs at the Interregional Center of Professional Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities in Kramatorsk.

The center focuses on providing training courses, support and activities for residents, many of whom are IDPs. Rehabilitation entails a combination of job training courses, together with psychological and physical programmes. The clients of the center were all trying yoga for the first time.

29 Jul 2017 description

27 July, Lviv – The Polish government and UNDP in Ukraine, in close cooperation with the Ukrainian government, launched the second phase of a project aimed at supporting businesses by men and women affected by the conflict.

The second phase of the project with a total budget of USD 500,000 will continue to support self-employment and the creation of new jobs for IDPs and host communities in the government-controlled areas of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts.

17 Jul 2017 description

The 2015 Recovery and Peacebuilding Assessment determined several priorities for strengthening the resilience of conflict-affected communities, especially displaced populations and their host communities. Alongside the rehabilitation of infrastructure and economic recovery, efforts would have to include the promotion of reconciliation and social cohesion and strengthening community security and access to justice.

05 Jul 2017 description

Kyiv, July 4, 2017 – _Shipment of the required medicine against botulism was delivered to Ukraine today. First 25 schemes to form the essential stock of the antitoxin produced in Canada were provided by the United Nations Development Program. UNDP supported the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and provided antitoxin against botulism worth 2,5 mln Hryvnia as humanitarian aid._

23 Jun 2017 description

The conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine has made the upgrading of local services, such as the creation of Centers for Administrative Service Provision (TsNAPs), much more difficult. So as a part of the UNDP Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and with funding from the European Union, a project was implemented to equip the TsNAP in the city of Druzhkivka with everything it needs to be fully operational.

14 Jun 2017 description

This Annual Report highlights the impact of the Joint UNDP-DPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention. In 2016, the Joint Programme provided support to 45 countries, including through the deployment of Peace and Development Advisors.

13 Apr 2017 description

Iryna Komyakova, 41, stands outside the Department of Labour and Social Protection in Kramatorsk, where she has just finished submitting paperwork so her 17-year old son Andriy can receive a scholarship as an IDP. She spent about two hours waiting in line on that day - not long compared to her previous visits. Remaining in the office are about 20 other people, who are either standing in lines, filling in applications, or arguing with officials.

30 Mar 2017 description

Kyiv, 30 March 2017 – Ukraine and other countries could see inequalities and exclusion rise sharply if measures are not taken to protect vulnerable groups from unemployment, discrimination and shocks. Women and girls, rural dwellers, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees, and the LGBTI community, are among those systematically excluded by economic, but also political, social and cultural barriers.

22 Mar 2017 description

Kyiv, March 22, 2017 – In 2016, approximately 29,000 Ukrainians were diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) that is 4.3% less than in 2015. While TB incidence is decreasing, multi-drug-resistant TB is on the rise. Timely identification and following the prescribed treatment plan is often an issue as well.

20 Jan 2017 description
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Persons with disabilities are among those furthest behind and accordingly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their indicators clearly state that disaggregated data are needed and should be collected for the purpose of monitoring advancement in the implementation of the goals for this segment of the population.

10 Jan 2017 description

by Janthomas Hiemstra, Country Director, UNDP Ukraine

The conflict in the Ukraine is, without doubt, a humanitarian crisis. Almost 10,000 people have been killed in the eastern region of Donbas alone. Among the victims, some 2,000 people were civilians. Another 22,000 people have been wounded, millions are displaced and living dangerously close to heavy fighting. This crisis has affected millions, despite repeated ceasefires.