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06 Mar 2015 description

DEBRECEN, Hungary, March 5 (UNHCR) – When Yusuf* and Omar* met in a smuggler's van on the outskirts of Ukraine's second city, Kharkiv, in October, they thought they were heading for Slovakia, en route to a new life in Western Europe.

08 Jan 2003 description

This Final Report focuses solely on the operations in Hungary and Romania. A separate report was issued for the Ukraine component of the appeal on 26 February, 2002.
This Final Report is intended for reporting on emergency appeals

The Federation’s mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world’s largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in 178 countries. For more information: www.ifrc.org

11 Jan 2002 description

Focus on Hungary and Romania
Launched on 9 March 2001 for CHF 1,574,048 for 2 months.
Budget revised in Situation Report no. l, increased to CHF 2,185,764 and the time frame increased to 30 September 2002.

Please note that this Operations Update no. 3 focuses solely on the continuing flood relief activities in Hungary and Romania. The flood relief operation in the Ukraine has been completed as planned and a separate Final Report is being issued on that aspect of the appeal. A Final Report covering Hungary and Romania will be issued by 30 March, 2002.

01 Aug 2001 description

In recent years, floods, landslides and mudflows in the area of the Tisza river, Ukraine, have become increasingly serious. NATO is currently developing a pilot project on regional flood preparedness and response in Ukraine, together with the neighbouring countries of the entire Tisza catchment area.

11 May 2001 description

This Ops Update is intended for reporting on emergency appeals.
Launched on 9 March 2001 for CHF 1,574,048 for 2 months. Budget revised in Situation Report no. 1, increased to CHF 2,185,764, and the timeframe increased to 30 September 2001.

DREF Allocated: CHF 150,000 (CHF 50,000 for each country).
Beneficiaries: 53,000

Period covered: 28 March 2001 to 25 April 2001 (last Ops Update issued: Situation Report no. 1 issued on 2 April 2001); Next Ops Update No. 3 expected by end June 2001.

30 Apr 2001 description

The Hungarian government filed a lawsuit on 27 April against the Austrian-Romanian company responsible for a major cyanide leak last year that poisoned fish and flora in three rivers, AP reported. Aurul, the company that runs the gold mine in Baie Mare, Romania, at which the cyanide spill occurred, has refused requests by Hungary to settle the claim outside of court. The lawsuit, filed in Budapest, seeks 28.59 billion forints (some $102 million) for the damage caused to tourism and the ecosystem, and for the rehabilitation of poisoned areas along the Danube, Szamos, and Tisza rivers.

10 Apr 2001 description

Premier Yushchenko and his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban agreed in Uzhhorod on 9 April to set up a group of experts to work out a plan to prevent and fight floods in the Carpathian region. UNIAN quoted Yushchenko as saying that both sides also agreed to organize a joint battalion to deal with consequences caused by natural and man-made disasters by 1 October. JM
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23 Mar 2001 description

UMCOR has sent emergency grants in response to the flooding in Eastern Hungary and the Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in what is the region's worst flooding in 100 years. Funds will help provide food, hygiene items, blankets, drinking water, medical supplies and other relief goods. In the long-term, UMCOR partners will work to rehabilitate homes that have been damaged or destroyed. To join in this response, please give to UMCOR's International Disaster Response, #982450-8.

14 Mar 2001 description

Action by Churches Together (ACT) International is going to issue two Appeals for flood striken Hungary and Ukraine for about one million US dollars early next week. ACT members Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) and Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) are assisting the flood victims in both countries with relief goods such as food, hygiene items, potable water, medicines and medical supplies.

11 Mar 2001 description

Budapest/Kiev (dpa) - Water levels on the upper reaches of the flooded Tisza River in Hungary receded noticeably over the weekend, as the flood peak moved downriver, Hungarian authorities said on Sunday.

Ukrainian authorities also reported a decline and the Ministry for Emergencies said the situation was stabilizing,

09 Mar 2001 description
report Council of Europe

Strasbourg, 09.03.2001 - Council of Europe Secretary General Walter Schwimmer today expressed his profound solidarity with the victims of unprecedented floods which have affected central Europe, particularly Ukraine, Hungary and Romania, for several days. He affirmed his solidarity with all the governments concerned.

09 Mar 2001 description

By John Sparrow and Janos Berze-Simko in north-eastern Hungary

09 Mar 2001 description


31 Dec 2000 description
report European Union

December 2000

This Report constitutes the response of the International Task Force for Assessing the Baia Mare Accident (the Baia Mare Task Force or 'BMTF') to the tasks given to us by Commissioner Margot Wallström, with the support of the Environment Ministers of Hungary and Romania, concerning the accidents which occurred at Baia Mare and Baia Borsa in Romania, in January and March 2000. These tasks were to consider: