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  • As active fighting continued in the east and south of the country, partial mobilization was announced in the Russian Federation.
  • The so-called referendums on joining the Russian Federation were scheduled to take place in non-Government-controlled areas of Donetska, Khersonska, Luhanska & Zaporizka oblasts.
  • In a village in Kharkivska oblast back under the Government’s control, four health workers were reportedly killed while evacuating patients of a psychiatric hospital.
  • Also in the areas of Kharkivska oblast back under Ukraine’s control, humanitarians have delivered two convoys with critical supplies.
  • Across Ukraine, nearly 580 humanitarian partners have provided life-critical aid and protection services to 13.4 million people.
Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine Denise Brown, centre, observes damaged buildings and the impacts of the war in the northern Sumska oblast during a mission to assess needs and coordinate response. (OCHA/Hilary Stauffer, 21 September 2022)

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