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04 Jul 2018 description


With more than 1.2 million refugees, mostly from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Somalia and South Sudan, Uganda is one of the top-most refugee hosting countries worldwide. Due to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan, many further refugees currently cross the border to Uganda.

22 Nov 2013 description

Next year the Netherlands will contribute €1 million to the Trust Fund for Victims, the organisation created by the Rome Statute to support victims of crimes under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Foreign minister Frans Timmermans made the announcement today in The Hague at the annual Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court.

16 Feb 2009 description

Today development minister Bert Koenders visited the Delft-based company EARS, which is developing a system to predict the risk of crop failure throughout Africa.

The project, called Food Early Solutions for Africa (FESA), aims to develop and test a database that will contain information on harvests and droughts, acting as a micro-insurance system against droughts.

22 Sep 2008 description

The Dutch government is providing an extra €10 million in emergency aid for drought victims in the Horn of Africa. The decision was announced in a programme on Radio 1 last Saturday by Bert Koenders, Minister for Development Corporation.

UN Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes said on 19 September that the situation in the Horn of Africa had reached alarming proportions. The humanitarian crisis there is giving serious cause for concern, due to a combination of drought and rising food prices and also, in some areas, conflict situations.

22 Sep 2007 description

Development minister Bert Koenders is giving €11 million in emergency aid to Uganda, Sudan and West Africa.

Four million euros will go to the victims of the floods in Uganda and West Africa, and seven million to Sudan.

Large areas of West and East Africa have been hit by serious flooding and around 300,000 people are affected. Rainfall in the north and east of Uganda has been exceptionally heavy since July. Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso have been hit the hardest by the flooding in West Africa, and some 500,000 people in the region face food shortages and disease.

07 May 2007 description

Speaking in Uganda, development minister Bert Koenders announced his intention to make extra money available for the peace process in that country.

Some of the money will be go to northern Uganda, where the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has been terrorising the population for many years.

22 Dec 2006 description

Over the next few years the Netherlands will give extra support to provide children in emergencies with education. Agnes van Ardenne, the Minister for Development Cooperation, has entered into an agreement to this effect with the UN Children's Fund Unicef. A €166 million contribution will be used to support a Unicef programme that aims to provide 25 million children and young people in 40 countries with a better education and a more promising future.

The programme will enable 10 million children who are currently deprived of any form of education whatsoever to return to school.

21 Apr 2006 description

To help the 15 million victims of drought in the Horn of Africa, Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne has increased Dutch emergency aid to 21.8 million euros. Earlier this year, the Dutch government made 7 million euros available for international aid organisations to alleviate famine. Because of the persistent drought, over a third of the livestock have died in some parts of the region; wells have run dry and the land has become parched. In Somalia, cereal production has dropped by 80%. Food and seed prices have rocketed.

22 Nov 2004 description

The international community, represented by the Group of Friends of the Great Lakes Region, will continue to support the countries in the region after the signing of the Dar es Salaam Declaration. The Group of Friends wants to partner these countries on their path towards peace, security, stability and development. This was announced by development minister and co-chair of the Group of Friends Agnes van Ardenne at the summit on the Great Lakes region.

15 Oct 2003 description

Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne is to visit Africa from 20 to 22 October 2003 to discuss the peace processes in the Great Lakes region and the Horn of Africa. She will start in Tanzania (20 October), before moving on to Rwanda (20-21 October) and Uganda (21-22 October). In talks with heads of government, ministers and representatives of civil society, she will confirm the Netherlands' commitment to the Great Lakes.

15 Jan 2002 description

The Netherlands has pledged to contribute 100 million dollars to an international trust fund for the Great Lakes Region in Africa. The purpose of the fund will be to promote disarmament and the return of soldiers and rebels to their homes. Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation Eveline Herfkens announced the contribution in the course of the visit she is currently making to the Great Lakes Region together with her British and Norwegian counterparts. Other donors and international institutions have also pledged contributions to the fund, set up by the World Bank.