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16 May 2018 description

Ugandan soldiers have been forcibly evicting communities in the Apaa area in northern Uganda since 15 March. So far, more than 250 homes have been burnt and destroyed, leaving hundreds of people, including children homeless. The evictions have been carried out by the authorities in violation of the constitution and international human rights law.

15 May 2018 description

62nd Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Nouakchott, Mauritania

Agenda Item 8: Activity Report of the Special Rapporteur on Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Internally Displaced Persons and Migrants in Africa

Chairperson and Honourable Commissioners,

Amnesty International welcomes this opportunity to address the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the topic of migration.

14 Apr 2018 description

Israel has continued to deport Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers to Uganda until at least January 2018, Amnesty International revealed today, despite statements by the Ugandan government that no agreement had been in place with Israel to receive them. New research by the organization shows that, once in Uganda, deported asylum seekers have not received papers, are without legal protection and remain vulnerable to exploitation, despite written assurances from Israel they would be protected.

27 Mar 2018 description

Israel’s policy of deporting African asylum-seekers to two unnamed African countries is an abdication of its responsibility to refugees and an example of the vicious political measures feeding the “global refugee crisis”, Amnesty International said today as the Israeli Supreme Court considers new evidence on the legality of the policy. 

02 Oct 2017 description

Plus de deux ans après la décision du Président de la République Pierre Nkurunziza en avril 2015 de briguer un troisième mandat à la tête du pays, la répression s’installe au Burundi. Pour faire taire les protestations que cette décision a suscitées, les forces de sécurité ont eu recours à une force excessive, voire, dans certains cas, meurtrière.

28 Sep 2017 description

Burundi: Thousands of refugees under pressure to return despite risk of torture and killings

Thousands of Burundian refugees are under mounting pressure to return to their country where they would be at risk of death, rape and torture, said Amnesty International in a report out today.

Conform or flee: Repression and insecurity pushing Burundians into exile launches after two East African countries stopped automatically granting refugee status to Burundian asylum seekers. Tanzania stopped in January, and Uganda in June this year.

21 Sep 2017 description

The Ugandan authorities must end their absurd attempts to silence people opposed to scrapping the presidential age limit, said Amnesty International today, as a motion on the controversial proposal was brought to parliament.

Earlier today the mayor of the country’s capital, Kampala, was arrested by the police and bundled into a pick-up truck outside his home on suspicion that he was headed to a protest against the proposed change.

17 Aug 2017 description

The international community must deliver and improve on existing financial commitments to help Uganda support the refugees it is hosting, following a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announcement that one million South Sudanese refugees are now in the country, Amnesty International said today.

23 Jul 2017 description

South Sudan: Sexual violence ‘on a massive scale’ leaves thousands in mental distress amid raging conflict

Thousands of South Sudanese women and girls, and some men, who have been raped in ethnically-charged sexual attacks in the ongoing conflict are battling mental distress and stigma with nowhere to turn for help, Amnesty International revealed in a new report out today.

04 Jul 2017 description
  • Close to one million people forcibly displaced in Equatoria region, fuelling world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis
  • Civilians shot, hacked to death with machetes and burnt in their homes
  • Women and girls abducted and gang-raped

A new frontline in South Sudan’s conflict has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee the country’s fertile Equatoria region over the past year, creating ongoing atrocities, starvation and fear, according to a new Amnesty International briefing published today.

18 Jun 2017 description

Donors failing almost a million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Rich countries are failing in their obligation to help Uganda support thousands of refugees fleeing death, rape and other human rights violations in South Sudan, said Amnesty International in a damning report launched ahead of a high-level donor summit in the Ugandan capital Kampala.

28 Nov 2016 description

The Ugandan security forces must not jettison human rights in their handling of the clashes in Kasese, which resulted in at least 62 deaths and hundreds of arrests over the weekend, Amnesty International said.

Police say at least 46 of the local king’s guards were killed and 139 others arrested during clashes at his palace in the western Uganda town of Kasese. The king, Charles Wesley Mumbere, was also arrested.

According to police, the clashes followed attacks by the king’s guards on multiple police stations on 26 November, killing at least 14 police officers.

12 Jul 2016 description
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The year 2016 has a particular significance for human rights in Africa. It marks the 35th anniversary of the adoption of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the 30th anniversary of its entry into force, and the 10th anniversary of the establishment and operationalization of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

26 Feb 2016 description

The Ugandan government is continuing to violate the human rights of leaders of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and undermining the ability of their party to legally challenge the results of the 18 February elections, said Amnesty International in a statement, as the 10-day deadline for filing presidential election petitions looms.

07 Dec 2015 description


As Uganda’s February 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections approach, in what will be President Yoweri Museveni’s 30th year in power, police have disrupted peaceful opposition gatherings using excessive force, arbitrarily arrested opposition politicians, and tortured individuals aligned with the opposition. Restrictions on freedom of assembly hindered the ability of Ugandans to receive information and engage with politicians, before presidential campaigns started in November 2015.

18 Jan 2015 description

The impending transfer of Dominic Ongwen, alleged former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a step towards justice for the victims who have suffered brutality at the hands of the LRA for more than two decades, said Amnesty International today.

07 Jan 2015 description

News Flash
7 January 2015

Spokespeople available for interview

Following reports that Dominic Ongwen has surrendered to the US forces, Amnesty International is calling for his immediate transfer to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to face trial.

11 Aug 2014 description

The striking-down of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act is a step towards stopping state-sponsored discrimination in its tracks, said Amnesty International.

“Even though Uganda’s abominable Anti-Homosexuality Act was scrapped on the basis of a technicality, it is a significant victory for Ugandan activists who have campaigned against this law. Since it was first being floated in 2009, these activists have often put their safety on the line to ensure that Ugandan law upholds human rights principles,” said Sarah Jackson, Africa Deputy Regional Director at Amnesty International.

15 May 2014 description

Discriminatory Law Prompts Arrests, Attacks, Evictions, Flight

(Nairobi, May 15, 2014) – Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in Uganda have reported a surge in human rights violations since the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Act on December 20, 2013, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said today.