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10 Aug 2012 description

There is joyful buzzing going on these days in the Nebbi Diocese of the Church of Uganda—both among the excited residents and around the beehives they are establishing as an ongoing source of income through the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC).

17 Nov 2011 description

CRWRC Newsroom | November 16, 2011

Teraza Akai is struggling to find a shred of hope.

16 Nov 2011 description

The most reasonable solution was nuts.

Struggling to cope with unpredictable and often unfavorable weather patterns emerging in Uganda, one group of farmers found that planting a specific variety of peanuts, a mainstay in the local diet, could help protect their harvest against dismal yields.

25 Oct 2007 description

Christina de Jong

CRWRC is responding to provide relief to the people of Teso in Uganda-a people already tragically familiar with devastation and disaster. The recent floods now threaten to thrust their most vulnerable into a desperate situation.

In August of 2007, floods struck approximately 14 countries across Western to Eastern Africa, with northeastern Uganda being one of the worst-affected regions across the continent.

21 Nov 2006 description

Kristen DeRoo VanderBerg

When Michael Shade from Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduated from high school, he was uncertain of where he should go next. "I wasn't ready to go to school right away," he said, "and I knew that I wanted to learn more about Africa and see it for myself." Mike called up the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and agreed to spend two months in Uganda as a volunteer.

31 Oct 2006 description

Kristen DeRoo VanderBerg

CRWRC has just announced plans to send a group of North Americans to Africa to learn about refugees. This first ever "Refugee Camp Learning Tour" will take place on March 11-24, 2007 in Uganda and Kenya.

"Our goal is to help people visit and experience refugee life in a number of settlements and transit camps so that they can witness the difficulties and challenges of refugees first hand," said CRWRC's Refugee Coordinator Rose Dekker.

29 Mar 2004 description

By: Janet Phllips-Janz
The civil war in Uganda has been raging for 17 years and has displaced 1.2 million people, yet it is largely forgotten about in North America. The people in Uganda have learned to live with fear - fear of being killed, of having your children abducted, of losing your home, and of going hungry. Ugandan children are growing up not knowing anything but fear and how to run away in the middle of the night. Every day, children are being abducted, abused and violated. And each night the news media in North America reports on Iraq or Afghanistan... not Uganda.