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14 Sep 2018 description

Endorsed by: Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA); AVSI; BRAC; CARE; Danish Refugee Council (DRC); Finn Church Aid (FCA); Food for the Hungry; Humanity & Inclusion; Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC); Oxfam; Plan; Save the Children; VSO; War Child Holland; Windle International Uganda; World Vision; ZOA

The launch of Uganda's new Education Response Plan for Refugees and Host Communities (ERP) is an opportunity to ensure a better future for hundreds of thousands of children.

11 Nov 2013 description


Beaucoup d’ONGs travaillent avec les enfants et les communautés en situation d’urgence, de conflit et de première reconstruction. Ces derrières années, on a prêté une plus grande attention à ne pas répondre seulement aux besoins élémentaires - abri, nourriture, eau, soins médicaux – mais aussi à améliorer la santé mentale et psychologique des enfants. L’hypothèse est que l’expérience traumatisante des enfants dans de telles situations peut affecter de manière significative leur croissance physique et psychologique.

12 Jun 2009 description

Friday 12th June, Kampala, Uganda - With the World Day Against Child Labor upon us on 12th June, a newly published survey shows that 15% of children in north and northeast Uganda are involved in harsh, dangerous labor - often putting them in harm's way and depriving them of the chance to go to school.

The survey, commissioned by two aid agencies - the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and AVSI Foundation- found that an additional 26% of children are 'at risk' of becoming child laborers.

"Every day, tens of thousands of children in Uganda are engaged in the worst …

20 Jun 2008 description

18 June, 2008, Gulu - Thousands gathered at Kaunda Grounds in Gulu, Northern Uganda on Monday to celebrate the 17th annual Day of the African Child. With the event dedicated this year to the African child's right to participate, children sang, danced, and told stories about challenges faced in the post-conflict setting of Northern Uganda.

'The day was an attempt to increase awareness and advocacy of child involvement in community development,' explained Samuele Rizzo, from AVSI Gulu.

07 May 2008 description

Kitgum, Northern Uganda - A report released today by AVSI Uganda highlights the experiences of individuals in Acholiland as they move out of the camps, and return back to, or towards, their homes.

31 Jan 2008 description

Brett Morton, AVSI Comunications

Officials from OFDA met with AVSI representatives in Acholibur IDP camp on Thursday to discuss their partnership and the changing direction of humanitarian aid in Northern Uganda. As IDPs in Acholiland begin to return from main camps towards their villages of origin, the nature of the humanitarian response must adjust accordingly, expressed the team from OFDA.

"Our programs will naturally become more development-oriented as the situation here changes," explained Francesca Oliva, AVSI Wat-San Officer.

16 Dec 2007 description

Morton / AVSI Communications

As peace returns to Northern Uganda, so to do the liberties of it's society. After more than two decades of insecurity and the associated losses of freedom, the rebuilding of the North continued on Monday with a celebration of human rights.

Nearly 1,000 people gathered at Boma Grounds in Kitgum today to recognize International Human Rights Day 2007 and the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR.)

10 Sep 2007 description

AVSI, in partnership with UNICEF, distributed Non-Food Item (NFI) kits in Ogom Akuyam, a return site in Pader, Northern Uganda, where flooding has displaced more than 100 people and affected almost 500. Unusually heavy rainfall has led to an increase of the ground water levels causing huts and latrines to become saturated.

05 Apr 2007 description

The alert reached AVSI office on Monday afternoon: hundreds of huts in Lacekocot, in Pader district, were burning. By the end of the day, more than 1000 huts got burnt and 925 Households lost all their properties.

The cause was accidental. Rumours said that one hut got burnt due to children playing with the fire. The strong wind then spread the fire to the other huts, very close to each others.

13 Feb 2007 description

By Valentina Frigerio

White hair and faces seamed with wrinkles. Little by little they all gather together under the shadow of a mango tree. Some of them reach the assembly point leaning on their staffs, others are helped by friends.

13 Feb 2007 description

By Valentina Frigerio

The area in front of the Omiya Anyima sub-county council is large enough to host a soccer match. Children are playing with a small ball made out of pieces of plastic bags and rags. School has not yet started, but this year will be no different than the last: the children will study in the same displaced school of the IDP camp. Luckily, AVSI has been able to rehabilitate some blocks of the old school building in Lupur so at least the children will be able to learn in a safer environment.

31 May 2006 description


I. Background

For the last 20 years, the Acholi region of Northern Uganda has suffered from continued armed conflict that has led to contamination of mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW). Although the number of mines present in Uganda is less than other mine-affected countries (Afghanistan, Angola, Mozambique, Iraq, etc.), the nature of mine use has created a difficult problem to address. There is little or no information(1) on the location or suspicion of mines because such ordnances have been used on an ad hoc basis.

11 Nov 2005 description

In just 14 days, 5 aid workers and one foreign national have been killed by the notorious Lords' Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in northern Uganda and southern Sudan. (1)

15 Sep 2004 description

Acholiland in Northern Uganda is devastated by an 18-year old conflict, which caused, especially since 1996, a massive displacement, involving at present about 90% of the civil population. The dimension of the conflict has caused severe vulnerability in the population, forced in congested Internally Displaced People's (IDPs) Camps, lacking basic services and exposed to brutal disruption of the economic and social fabric of communities and the families.

06 Oct 2003 description

By Gina L. Bramucci
A teenaged boy on the sideline looks up from playing cards to make the call. The players, their faces sweaty in the hot sun, stop the game and lean on each other's shoulders, laughing.