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17 Feb 2011 description

As voters in Uganda prepare for a contentious general election, CWS has worked extensively to provide community leaders with training in peace building and ways to resolve conflicts without violence. There have been reports of sporadic violence but none in areas where CWS has offered its training.

Two rival candidates - incumbent Yoweri Museni and Dr. Kizza Besigye - are struggling to gain the final votes in what has been a very close race for President.

03 Mar 2010 description

At least 80 people were killed Monday (March 1) and 350 are missing and feared dead in a mudslide that swept down the slope of Mt. Elgon in eastern Uganda, engulfing the villages of Kubehwo, Namakansa and Nametsi. Homes and livestock were also destroyed. There were reportedly only 43 survivors; 80 bodies have been pulled out of the mud.

Church World Service is supporting the response of the Foundation for Development of Needy Communities, a Uganda-based CWS partner, which is already begun providing psychosocial support for traumatized survivors.

30 Nov 2009 description


"By joining my youth working group, I not only gained new friends, but also learned how to run my own small business, selling oranges," explains 13-year-old youth caregiver Andrew Tumusiime. "This has helped me to care for my mother, who is HIV-positive, and my younger brother."

Tumusiime is taking part in the Church World Service-supported Giving Hope Program. Through the program, young people are empowered to continue their education, grow food, make items to sell, or start small businesses.

20 Jul 2009 description


Even though a few families have chosen to return to their homes in Pakistan's Swat valley, Church World Service is urging continued support for the millions who remain displaced by fighting between Pakistan army and Taliban forces, which began in early May.

"We know no one is more eager to bring this emergency to a close than those who fled the violence," says CWS Emergency Response Director Donna Derr.

18 Mar 2009 description

WEST POKOT, KENYA and MOROTO COUNTY, UGANDA--World Water Day 2009 (March 22) is accompanied by increased regional water shortages in the United States and around the world. The shortages, attributed to climate change, are causing conflict, stress and competition between communities for the dwindling resource.

But two communities in Uganda have decided to stop fighting and to work together to solve their water problems with the simple but highly effective technology of sand dams.

02 Feb 2009 description


Uganda and Kenya

Some 4,000 semi-nomadic people in West Pokot, western Kenya, and Moroto County, Uganda, are gaining access to clean, safe water with assistance from Church World Service and local partner Yang'at.

In this arid region that straddles the Uganda-Kenya border, scarce water resources have meant poor sanitation, water-related diseases, and conflict over what water is available.

02 Jun 2008 description



'In all the places where the churches are providing assistance, the food is fresh-they are cooking and providing fresh food everyday,' explains a pastor in Myanmar.

The pastor coordinates the relief effort among churches throughout the cyclone-affected areas. Speaking from 28 years of affiliation with Church World Service, the pastor says, 'Churches (in Myanmar) provide support in a non-discriminatory way--this is the witness of the church.' Church World Service has been working through partnerships in Myanmar since 1959.

18 Apr 2008 description



"Receiving these layette kits showed Church World Service's love for the people of Liberia," said a mother in Bomi County, rural Liberia, during a recent distribution of CWS Baby Kits, Hygiene Kits, and Blankets. Including a shipment currently underway, in the past year Church World Service has provided more than $576,000 in material assistance for Liberian families still recovering from more than a decade of war and conflict.

14 Apr 2008 description


East Africa

"Let the world know that we are here for each other, supporting and getting strength from each other," says Otieno, 12, of his Giving Hope working group in Kenya. "Our working group is our new family.

24 Mar 2008 description

Kenya and Uganda

"Seeing the girls empowered with education...girls fetching water near their homes and then going to school--that makes me happy," says Deborah Katina, Executive Director of Yang'at ("care" in the Pokot language), a Church World Service partner in western Kenya.

25 Feb 2008 description

In more than 50 countries around the world children are being kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers. Child soldiers are children younger then eighteen who are directly or indirectly used as combatants, porters, human mine detectors, sex slaves, and/ or for other forms of forced labor.

25 Jun 2007 description

Appeal #641-R

Appeal amount: $100,000

SITUATION: Even though the Democratic Republic of Congo has held its first open elections in 40 years, violence by militias and foreign troops near DRC's borders threatens millions of refugees who have endured decades of conflict.

04 Jul 2005 description

"We extend our gratitude [for the] support that you continue to give to FDNC. Our gratitude will continue to be shown by... being good stewards," says the executive director of FDNC (Foundation for Development of Needy Communities), Sam Watulatsu, of the assistance that Church World Service is providing the organization to help improve the lives of vulnerable people - particularly girls -- in parts of rural Uganda.

FDNC is working to reduce the number of uneducated girls and street children by alleviating poverty in some 80 families.

11 Feb 2003 description

Appeal Number: 6464
Appeal Amount: $25,000

10 Jan 2002 description

CWS goal: $70,000

03 Jul 2000 description

Update on Moringa seed distribution in East Africa

  • Drought response in the Horn of Africa
  • Bedding and food in war and drought-affected Afghanistan
  • Conflict in eastern Congo
  • Development training in Palestine
Moringa Tree -- "Our seed distribution program is exceeding our wildest expectations thanks to CWS and OPTIMA, Ltd.," says Henry Rigali, who is part of a group retracing the steps of a famous 1857 trek to find the headwaters of the Nile.
05 Mar 1999 description

35 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs