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20 Apr 2016 description
report Miraya FM

Thousands of people have crossed from Eastern Equatoria into neighbouring Uganda in search of food.

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission says up to five thousand people have made the journey in the past two weeks.

John Odongi Simon, acting director for the Relief and Rehabilitation commission in Torit says citizens are also looking for schools for their children.

“It is quite clear that the movement of these people is not because of insecurity, but because of food and access education,” he said.

10 Feb 2016 description
report Miraya FM

A joint border committee formed to resolve a border dispute between South Sudan and Uganda has started consultative meetings with communities.

The consultations which begun on Monday will be followed by a process of border demarcation spearheaded by a team of surveyors in the presence of an 18 man-committee with representatives from both Uganda and South Sudan.

Uganda’s state Minister for Foreign Affairs Henry Okello Oryem, explained that the demarcation exercise will be conducted mainly in the violence prone areas of the border between Uganda and South Sudan.

24 Oct 2014 description
report Miraya FM

The relocation follows clashes last month that occurred between citizens of KajoKeji and Moyo District over a piece of land. The tensions left hundreds of people displaced and property destroyed.

Central Equatoria State Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. Henry Danima says the traders claim their businesses are much safer in KajoKeji

06 Oct 2014 description
report Miraya FM

Close to 2,000 people, mainly South Sudanese, fled violent protests in Uganda’s Moyo district and sought shelter in Kajo Keji.

Henry Sokiri, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission coordinator in Kajo –keji, says some of the IDPs are slowly integrating into the local communities.

Churches and local communities are mobilizing support for the displaced persons.

22 Sep 2014 description
report Miraya FM

Officials from both countries are expected to meet in Kajo-Keji tomorrow in efforts to smoothen relations between communities of Kajo-Keji and the Madi in Uganda’s Moyo district.

Kajo-Keji County Commissioner Henry Kala Sabuni says there was more violence last night that left two children dead.

17 Sep 2014 description
report Miraya FM

Kajo-Keji County Commissioner Henry Kala says more people crossed the border after fresh violence broke out last night.

Kala: “The situation again has worsened; these people are burning houses as I speak. Seventeen houses are burnt and one church and our population coming now from Jalle and also Litoba has gone to 2,000 and they are still coming. They are settled near a primary school in Jalle. You find these people are going back, collecting their luggage. It is really a misery to see small children running.”

07 Nov 2013 description
report Miraya FM

(November 7, 2013) - Suspected Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels have killed two people and wounded another in two separate attacks in Tambura and Ezo Counties, Western Equatoria State, officials have said.

Ezo County Commissioner, Albert Moiidie, said two others were abducted in the attack on his county.

Gabriel Ayor, the Deputy Commander of the African Union Regional Task Force based in Yambio, confirmed the incidents and said the AUU troops were in pursuit of the attackers.

28 Aug 2013 description
report Miraya FM

(August 28, 2013) - Floods have cut off the main road to Uganda, leaving busses, trucks and passenger vehicles stranded at the Ugandan side of the border for the past three days.

The disruption is between the towns of Atiak in Uganda and Elegu in South Sudan.

One passenger traveling by bus told Radio Miraya that she was forced to leave her luggage behind and walk through the flood waters to get to Nimule.

04 Feb 2013 description
report Miraya FM

Ten people are said to have died of hunger in Eastern Equatoria State.

State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore, said the deceased were residents of the Greater Kapoeta area, where severe hunger has been reported.

Radio Miraya reported last week that most of the produce from the last harvest in the state were destroyed by worms.

Governor Lobong, said the situation has been made worse because bordering countries have stopped traders from exporting food to the state.

31 May 2012 description
report Miraya FM

Dozens of new Congolese refugees have been arriving in recent days at Nyori refugee camp in Lasu Payam in Yei County, Central Equatoria state.

The refugees are fleeing violence from the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebels, according to humanitarian sources.

So far, there are about eight thousand refugees in the camp.

The latest victims of LRA attacks are arriving in groups of ten to twenty per day.

06 Oct 2010 description
report Miraya FM

The commissioner of Nagero County in Western Equatoria state, Min-Ala Joseph, said the county faces challenges in the provision of basic services of health, education, transport and communications network. Speaking to Radio Miraya, Joseph said a good number of citizens from Namatima payam have been displaced as a result of the LRA attacks.

He added that Western Equatoria State government is doing its best to protect the population from these attacks.

06 Oct 2010 description
report Miraya FM

Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, said his country can raise the entire 20,000 troop force that the African Union says is needed to defeat Somalia's Islamist rebels and pacify the country. Earlier, Somalia's al-Qaeda-allied al Shabaab militia claimed responsibility for twin bomb blasts on July 11 that killed 79 people watching the World Cup final in Uganda's capital Kampala.

Museveni also asked the EU to deploy air power to control Somali airspace and curtail the flow of arms from al-Qaeda and other foreign sponsors of rebels in Somalia.

10 Sep 2010 description
report Miraya FM

The Governor of Western Equatoria State, Joseph Bakosoro, has said that at least ten people were killed in the State by the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Governor Bakosoro was speaking to the press in Wau town, when he visited the Western Bahr el Ghazal State for the first time since he assumed office.

He said that his visit to Wau town is to strengthen relations between his State and Western Bahr el Ghazal State especially in the fields of security, and development.

25 Jul 2010 description
report Miraya FM

LRA rebels killed one person and abducted four others in Yabulo village of Raja County in Western Barh El Gazal state, the SPLA spokesman, Major General Kuol Dim Kuol, said on Friday. Kuol added that two girls and a young boy were among the abductees.

27 Jun 2010 description
report Miraya FM

The Western Equatoria State Director of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Laxon Wari, told Radio Miraya that the Number of people displaced due to incursion of the Lord's Resistant Army (LRA) has double this year. Wari said most of the internal displaced persons (IDP) have not received humanitarian assistance.

He added that they have been suffering as their properties were seized and some damaged by the LRA.

24 Jun 2010 description
report Miraya FM

Bodies of five people abducted earlier by Lords' Resistance Army (LRA) on the Yambiyo-Maridi road have been recovered, authorities of Western Equatoria reported.

Bodies were found at Bangasu Payam, 33 miles from Yambio, and were immediately taken to mortuary, director of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation commission, Lexon Wari, said.

He added that citizens in the area moved to Bangasu town for fear of further attacks by LRA.

27 May 2010 description
report Miraya FM

One civilian was killed and a policeman was reported missing when fighters from the Ugandan rebel group Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) carried out an ambush 36 miles away from Tambura County in Western Equatoria State on Wednesday.

The Press Secretary of the outgoing Commissioner of Tambura County, Joseph Mabenge, told Radio Miraya that a group of 18 people were heading to Namutina Payam when they were ambushed by the LRA.

17 May 2010 description
report Miraya FM

The UNICEF representative in Sudan, Nils Kasterberg, said that a two day workshop has been organized on child protection to provide a common platform for dialogue between the United Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), civil society members and partners from neighboring Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The workshop aims to highlight child protection issues and discuss constructive methods on how to best address them.

07 Apr 2010 description
report Miraya FM

One man was killed and another seriously wounded when the Ugandan rebel group Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) attacked Tuesday Ezzo County in Western Equatoria State.

30 Mar 2010 description
report Miraya FM

Eyewitnesses in Yambio town said that suspected rebels of the Ugandan Lord Resistance Army, LRA, attacked Nartiza Village six miles from Yambio. One of the citizens, Simon Tito, whose house was looted told Radio Miraya, that five armed men in LRA uniforms attacked his house and abducted his grandfather.

The commissioner of Yambio county, David Beilly, acknowledged the presence of the LRA activities in the area but declined to confirm the incident.